Greek Farmers to Carry on Protests, Roadblocks

Greek FarmersDespite government decisions for the farmers, the unions who gathered in Nikaia, Larissa, Central Greece on Saturday to consider further protest action at the government’ Αs new tax measures, called on farmers throughout Greece to join in demonstrations and roadblocks, as part of efforts to put more pressure to the government.
Representatives from 23 roadblocks organized by farmers across the country, who met at Nikaia’Αs Cultural Center, decided to escalate their struggle and strengthen roadblocks until their demands are met.
On Sunday, farmers will gather at Nikaia’Αs road blockade, while on Monday a group of their representatives will try to meet with political party leaders, as they await a reply to a request to meet with Finance minister Yannis Stournaras.


  1. The farmers must go back to work to increase their production and pay taxes like everybody else in the country. their leftists unionist leaders to go and drown.The country has no money and we all need to work for a better life and pay our taxes.