New Greek Voting System for Upcoming Elections

Greek-EU-Elections-to-Become-More-DirectThe Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras and the Deputy Prime Minister and leader of PASOK Evangelos Venizelos have agreed to promote a new voting system for the upcoming European Parliament elections, held all over Europe in May.

During their meeting late on Saturday, the two men proposed to replace the existing voting system, which is used for the EU elections and applies the party-list proportional representation system, according to which the candidates are elected through allocations on the electoral list.

According to the new plan, Greek voters will be asked to mark their preferred MEP’s from a candidates list, as being also applied in Greek national parliamentary elections. This “concession” put through by the two party leaders will allow for a more direct democratic process in electing candidates to Europarl.

Samaras and Venizelos also discussed some key aspects of the plan, such as raising the MEP candidates for every party to 42, double the number of MEP’s eventually elected (21) to represent the country in the EU institution.

In Greece, any changes made to the EU electoral law require a simple majority in the Greek parliament, opposed to the qualified majority (3/5 majority) needed to change the electoral law for national elections. Therefore, it is certain that the new system will take effect for the elections in May.

The need in Greece for a process in which voters will have more power to decide for EU affairs has increased lately, with PASOK announcing that it will host open elections in March so as to come up with its MEP candidates.


  1. Our government should change the law to retract citizenship from treasonous American-living-in-Athens cowards like Andy Dablis that supports mass illegal migration into our homeland.

  2. The Hellenic government should also revoke the amnesty granted to numerous illegal immigrants by PASOK. This won’t happen ofcourse given PASOK is serving with New Democracy as part of an utterly corrupt, unscrupulous coalition regime that is sold out to foreign Jewish lobbies, and the EU-ECB-IMF Troika.

  3. I smell a rat when the method for voting is being changed so close to an election. Go back to shards of pottery with the candidates name inscribed. Election theft is well documented around the world that last great heist was observed to be in USA where 59 voting districts did not cast so much as one vote in opposition to President Obama…..not one vote, not even from the dead!

  4. Much to the consternation of the EU, Switzerland recently voted against migrants entering their country. It will be interesting if the media/reporters will now call them neo-Nazis or just racists for their views. They may hold off, unless they are willing to have their bank account numbers suddenly released like the Lagarde List.

  5. Before elections they say we will do this and do that for the welfare and the benefit of the people…After elections they say we can’t do this and we can’t do that for the welfare and the benefit of the people…Anyone is very good in the bla bla bla can be elected just because he/she is very good in the bla bla bla and only that…We have 300 useless and worthless pigs some of them are in the past and some of them are at present doing nothing other then just sweet talks either because they don’t have anything good to do in their life other then the bla bla bla or they are doing it because of the prestige the power and the money and all the other benefits including free Tax they get from being politicians…Read my lips, not a single politician cares about us, they do care about the number of years they are in politics, how they will get rich quick and arrange for a safe retirement…That is they care about…


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