Turkish Terrorist Arrested on Crete

greek-policeA Turkish terrorist wanted by the Turkish authorities for her involvement in several terrorist plots in the neighboring country, was arrested on Saturday on the Greek island of Crete by local police authorities.

The 44-year-old woman, who had managed to hide from Turkish authorities over the past several months, had found her safe haven in the city Heraklion of the southern island of Greece.

The Hellenic Police (ELAS) force didn’t know her exact whereabouts, but new information that arrived to the local police precinct indicated a house in the Greek port city as her possible hide-out.

Therefore, on Saturday, under complete secrecy, local authorities located and approached the house and managed to arrest the Turkish terrorist, as an international arrest warrant had already been issued for her.

The woman is scheduled to appear before a prosecutor in Heraklion on Monday, where a possible extradition to Turkey will be discussed.