Greek Anti-Terrorist Police Raid Homes in Athens, Seize Weapons

Greek Anti-Terrorist PoliceGreek police say they have arrested four foreigners and seized weapons and explosives in a raid by the country’s anti-terrorist unit on residences in the greater Athens area, Greece.
They did not specify the quantities or types of weapons, or release the nationalities of those detained.
The four suspects are believed to be Kurds with Turkish citizenship.
Authorities said they would be releasing further information on the raid later in the day.
The arrests come after a 44-year-old woman, also thought to be a Kurd, was arrested in Iraklio, Crete. She is reportedly wanted in Turkey for terrorism offenses.


  1. Interesting the migrants/immigrants have now become foreigners. The question is raise but never answered are they illegals. Does this suggest a hardening on the issue or merely an editorial oversight.


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