33 British Couples to Tie the Knot in Cephalonia

beach wedding

Thirty three couples from Great Britain are going to tie the knot this summer in Cephalonia.

According to Donna O’ Liri, social event organizer in Cephalonia, the 32 couples who will be getting married in the summer, didn’t change their wedding plans because of the earthquakes. In fact, the other day another couple asked her to organize their wedding for this coming July. “The earthquake is over and we are moving on. The sun is still shining,” said O’ Liri, who is also the representative of the British community of Cephalonia.

Moreover, the British people of Cephalonia are trying not to be affected by the earthquake and the terrible conditions on the island by celebrating Valentine’s Day and the carnival with a lot of dancing and local wine.

Cephalonia has about 1,000 permanent residents from Great Britain. Most of them came once for vacations, fell in love with the beautiful Greek island and decided to stay permanently. “We were aware of Cephalonia’s seismicity and now it doesn’t bother us. It’s really nice to wake up in the morning and be able to see the sea, the mountains, the nature,” added Mrs. O’ Liri.

She also stressed that the British don’t fear the earthquakes. “Most of the buildings are quite sturdy and we feel safe in them.”

O’ Liri highlighted as well that the Cephalonians have been really helpful and kind with the British affected by the earthquake. “Some of our houses have been declared unfit. The locals found us a place to stay until we restore the damages. They have been really helpful, kind and hospitable with the British community,” she concluded.