Google Promotes Internet Child Safety in Greece

Internet-Safety-for-Kids1Google has been promoting internet safety for children in Greece with a play called “The Internet Farm.” The play managed to tour in 10 cities where children, parents and teachers were able to learn about internet safety. In addition to the theater play, the program included digital workshops for children and informative lectures for parents and teachers.

The play takes place on a farm and tells the story of how the animals are surfing the web and sometimes end up in serious trouble. A pig discovers that it shouldn’t reveal personal information on the web, while a hen finds out the hard way, that she shouldn’t talk to strangers online and the geese learn that they can’t rely on everything they read on websites. Thankfully the wise owl and the kids are there to save the day.

The project became very famous and was supported by the Greek Ministry of Education and various local and regional organizations. Among these organizations were the Western Greece’s Education Directorate, the IT Teachers Association of Evros and the Church of Kalamata.

All theaters were fully booked and people were even sitting on the aisle steps to watch the show. Nearly 40,000 kids and 3,000 adults were able to attend the project and participate in the educational activities.

Google expressed its hope that the program paid off. Meanwhile, many teachers have taken on the project of spreading the word about Internet safety and letting people know about the dangers that lurk in the world wide web.