‘Group of Popular Rebels’ Claims Attack Against German Ambassador

    group of popular rebelsThe “Group of Popular Rebels” (Omada Laikon Agoniston – OLA) published a proclamation in the Greek newspaper “Pontiki” claiming responsibility for the attack against the German ambassador to Greece, which occurred early morning on December 30, 2013 in Athens.

    Their proclamation was 20 pages long and around 12,000 words. It had been edited by the newspaper’s staff, who added titles, “mottos” and made some alterations to the text.

    According to Greek news, the proclamation was found after a phone call that was made to the newspaper telling the staff to look for the documents behind a certain OTE primary cross-connection point, inside a purple bag in the area of Exarcheia in Athens, Greece.

    In their proclamation, the group of rebels make references to the “occupational government of Tsolakoglou,” to a “revolutionary project” and “total rupture.” Meanwhile, they express their fear for the euro being used as a “screening tool” and the fact that it appears to be a“Trojan Horse” of German Imperialism in Europe.