New Democracy Rift For Athens Mayor

New Democracy Rift For Athens Mayor

The ruling New Democracy Conservatives of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras will back one of its Members of Parliament, Aris Spiliotopoulos as its candidate for Athens Mayor, creating an instant battle as another of the party’s lawmakers and a former holder of the office, Nikitas Kaklamanis, said he wants the job back and will run against his own party’s choice.

Spiliotopoulos, 47, a former minister of both tourism and education and religious affairs, said he had Samaras’ backing, raising the prospect of how the Premier will deal with Kaklamanis, who said he would create an independent local political group to try to topple the man who beat him, George Kaminis, who is an Independent.

Samaras’ coalition, which also includes the PASOK Socialists, has only a three-vote majority in the Parliament during a tender time when it is being pressed by international lenders to speed the pace of reforms and close a 2.4 billion-euro hole in the 2014 budget and he would be hard-pressed to reprimand or eject Kaklamanis, who said he would soon announce his platform.

Kaklamanis, 67, then would be in the position of being both a member of New Democracy and a separate political group cutting into the base of the party and Spiliotopoulos, draining away votes. Kaklamanis said, “My love for Athens was not opportunist. For me it was, is and will always be Athens First.”

In statements, Spiliotopoulos said he would be rising to “the invitation/challenge for a more beautiful Athens, an Athens whose residents and visitors will feel safety, an Athens capable of fueling the creative forces of us all. For an Athens that we love and want to earn the place that it deserves.”

Sources told the Athens News Agency that the Prime Minister’s office has already commissioned an opinion poll measuring Spiliotopoulos’ popularity with those of the other candidates that have announced their intention to run so far.

These include Gavriil Sakellaridis for main opposition Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA), Nikos Sofianos from the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) and Ilias Kasidiaris from the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn (Chryssi Avgi) party.


  1. A ND house divided cannot stand. Samaras throws another party member to the wolves and they will feast. Another attempt to enhance resumes of select few party followers undermines the process of ensuring a capable and qualified mayor is elected. Spiliotopoulos will be subjected to no rules bare knuckle local politics and when it is all done he won’t look pretty no more.

  2. This latest squabble within the fading New Democracy party pretty much guarantees that Golden Dawn MP Ilias Kasidiaris will win in the first round, there won’t even be a second round for Mayor of Athens.

  3. Kaklamanis and Spiliotopoulos could split off votes from each other weakening their number provided the latter campaigns aggressively for the office. Kaklamanis has the advantage as he knows the districts the voters and past issues during his tenure as mayor. Kasidiaris should focus on issues, ideas presenting his platform to the public before the others adopt his and call it theirs. His campaign must act quickly to identify his opponents before they identify him and themselves. ND will pump borrowed money to the campaign as they are desperate and can ill afford to lose a major city. With so many coveting the title, I believe this election for Athens Mayor will be bruising and dirty with all receiving black eyes and broken noses.

  4. Not so! Kaminis has demonstrated his administrative and fiscal capabilities, and on a very reduced budget to boot. His recent report only goes to demonstrate his predecessors’ profligate and irresponsible tenures. Enough of populist pollies, what this city and country needs are capable administrators. This schism in ND will only serve to return Kaminis. I think that Athenians will recognise the new reality.

  5. And tourists avoiding Athens completely… the EU cutting off funding to any Athens projects (numerous)… riots and street fighting will escalate.

    Being in charge does not just mean hitting women who oppose you and spitting on journalists. You have to make decisions…some of them that people (Greek people) won’t like. We’ll see…I don’t think the little neo-Nazi has a hope but we’ll see

  6. The incumbent generally has the best likelihood of being re-elected. The issue here will be money (the mother’s milk for campaigns) and who has the best organization. Getting the vote out will not be an issue, it may come down sadly to who can afford to buy the most votes. We seem to never learn.

  7. Golden Dawn MP Ilias Kasidiaris says that if he is elected to be Mayor of Athens he will create a network of grocery stores and medical centers that will provide free goods and services “to Athenian citizens but not to illegal immigrants who have come to Greece tp commit crimes.”

    Golden Dawn MP Ilias Kasidiaris also announced that if he is elected to become Mayor of Athens he plans to set up a service for the protection of dogs and cats, saying that in the city’s 6th Quarter there are no strays “not because Athens Mayor Giorgos Kaminis has done anything about it but because they have been eaten by migrants.”

  8. LOL. You think that there are free goods and services for ANYONE in Athens? You think there is a benefit system here? You think this is like other European countries? …

    And you believe the fairytale that immigrants eat stray animals?


  9. Threats, always threats. That’s all you anti-Golden Dawn rabble can resort to.
    If Greek citizens of Athens excersise their democratic right and choose to elect Golden Daw candidate Ilias Kasidiaris to be Mayor of Athens then the EU will cut funding to Athenian projects.
    If Greek citizens of Athens excersise their democratic right and choose to elect Golden Daw candidate Ilias Kasidiaris to be Mayor of Athens then Leftist Anarchists will riot on the streets.
    If Greek citizens of Athens excersise their democratic right and choose to elect Golden Dawn candidate Ilias Kasidiaris to be Mayor of Athens then tourists will stay away.
    Threats and blackmail. That’s what the anti-democratic, anti-Golden Dawn rabble resort to.

    Well if the EU cuts funding to projects in Athens because it doesn’t approve of what Mayor Athenians chose, then the EU further exposes it’s contempt for democracy.
    If Leftists riot because Golden Dawn candidate Ilias Kasidiaris is elected to be Mayor of Athens, this shows Leftists contempt for democracy.

    As for tourists staying away this is totally false. Once Golden Dawn MP and future Mayor of Athens Ilias Kasidiaris cleans out the illegal immigrants from Athens, Athens will be much safer and even greater numbers of tourists will arrive. Only non-White tourists will stay away they only form a minority of tourists anyway.

  10. Does non-whites include Chinese and Japanese tourists? Both are big spenders with lots of discretionary buying power.

  11. Actually it’s a fact that illegal immigrants horrifically butcher and eat cats and dogs in Athens, but a callous cold hearted person such as yourself attempts to laugh this off as being some hilarious falsehood.

    Yes, under the New Democracy-PASOK coalition regime there are no free services for Greek citizens in Athens, but there are for ILLEGAL immigrants.

    Άδωνης: Τσάμπα οι λαθρομετανάστες στα δημόσια νοσοκομεία

    In this video New Democracy MP Adonis Georgiadis admits that “Illegal 3rd World immigrants are given free care at Public (Greek taxpayer funded) hospitals”

  12. Your last sentence, I have seen this for myself and further evidenced by the pile of bones outside their residence. The bones were not chicken, pigeon or a small pig definitely by the shape of the skull and bones a dog.

  13. There has been “free” healthcare for Greeks and Immigrants alike. I say “free” because we all pay for tests and xrays etc… if you are knock down in the street, i think it works like Europe not America.. you get taken care of. There are no extra free services for immigrants as you say.

  14. It was not a threat. It is what I believe will happen realistically if Golden Dawn are elected. Yes, I am anti GD but then again I am anti all extremists.

  15. Its not fairytale or personal belief in this case fact. If you ever travel to Africa, Korea and China avoid the off street markets as there are deeply disturbing sights of people butchering and eating their delicacies, that we call our pets.

  16. so you saw this in Athens?!! Where? I live and work in downtown Athens and have never seen people butchering and eating stray animals. I am friends with quite a few. Perhaps there are a few cases but generally this is a myth.

  17. Bones indicate they were cut by a cleaver probably to remove the marrow. The location in Athens was Vathi. I would strongly advise not to stray into that neighborhood as it is as dangerous especially at night even for two legged creatures.

  18. A word of caution there is a large immigrant population and many plying their “trades” on the street. Be careful if you are walking and always travel with company preferably a large group. Mornings not too bad but it gets progressively worse later in the day. I know we are going off topic.

  19. Instead of the promise of success, many immigrants cannot provide even the most basic of needs to their families. Arriving from cultures where eating dogs and cats is practiced, if not entirely accepted, capturing stray dogs and cats to eat doesn’t seem that remote an idea to them, despite being illegal.

    And lately the news has been flooded with reports of strays disappearing from various neighborhoods, with eyewitness accounts of dogs being captured by immigrants, who have been seen chasing dogs. Guardians are concerned to walk the streets of Athens, even with their dogs on a leash, or leaving their dogs tied outside of a store to run a quick errand, which is very customary, because of the alarming number of recent abductions. It has also been reported that in some instances animal activists were able to take photos of people selling dogs on the street, including dog meat and dog parts, and even provided the authorities with horrific images of skinned dogs being displayed for sale and roasting on spits. It is now common knowledge that there is a bakery owned by an immigrant who is cooking and prepping dog parts for sale. Unfortunately, by the time the authorities arrive, the evidence is gone.

  20. I doubt Japanese and Chinese tourists would stay away if Athens had a Golden Dawn mayor, but if they did Greece and Athens would not feel any major impact. By the way, Japanese and Chinese are extremely racist towards Westerners, they look down on Westerners, and speak badly of them. The Chinese in particular subject cats and dogs to unspeakable cruelty. I look forward to the day when the Chinese barbarians are wiped out. I’m sure the USA has a “gulf of tonkin” style incident they will implement to give themselves the excuse to destroy China when they feel China is reaching a point where it will be hard to defeat them militarily. That point is fast approaching. The Chinese are an arrogant and jealous people. They hate White people and White nations and at the same time they are jealous of the Wests technology (which they always purchase, steal and duplicate) and in fear of the Wests military might. The Chinese refused to sell European merchants the method of making ceramics, instead for centuries they insisted European merchants sail to China to buy ceramics. Eventually the Europeans discovered how to make ceramics on their own. Today these same Chinese who refused to tell European merchants how ceramics were made, insist that Europeans sell them knowledge of the best European modern military technology, electronics etc.

  21. Why do you mention these things at all? It’s because you want Greek citizens to feel afraid that if they elect a Golden Dawn candidate, that they will be punished by the EU and violent Leftists. You are suggesting that Greek citizens avoid the EU’s punishment and Leftist riots by not voting Golden Dawn. You are a despicable anti-democratic bully.

  22. Don’t waste your breath its just another figment of his imagination, one question I have is what kind of person dumps his pet on the street ……answer everyone in Greece.
    What do they expect will happen to the dog or cat that’s been thrown out …..but no the morons on this site are accusing the foreigners of eating the strays ….if that’s the case why do we have so many strays everywhere, obviously Greece does not enough illegals what we need is to bring more in so the dog problem can be controlled. lol

  23. How on earth can I make Greek citizens feel afraid to vote for whoever they want?!! I’m just saying what I believe will happen if we get a neo-nazi mayor. The Greek people will decide, hopefully, based on facts and not fiction. As I said…we’ll see

  24. Yes, I know I’m wasting my breath but I just wondered where this person had seen this pile of bones or whether…like many of these immigrant myths, he is just parroting XA propaganda. I wonder what XA has to say about mass poisonings which happen much more regularly than any abductions?

  25. Probably nothing it doesn’t suit his purpose XA is finished the upcoming election will prove this once and for all
    It surprises me that they use Ilias Kasidiaris as someone respected who’s opinion apparently means something, when you consider his main claim to fame is beating up old ladies you would have to wonder if this is the leadership what would expect from the followers

  26. It is your sole discretion if you wish to believe me or not. I answered your questions truthfully and the rest is up to you. It is important that you do not succumb to those you wish to believe but as you have done, tested to see if in fact it is the truth. Since you live and work in downtown Athens, I encourage you to verify my comments and take a late evening walk through Vathi and see for yourself.

  27. Golden Dawn has a Green Wing organizes revolutionary which organizes ecologist actions all over Greece, from the biggest urban centers to the most desolate mountain tops.

    Golden Dawn donated 5.000 euros to ARKTOUROS, the ecological organization of Greece that focuses on the protection of the bears in our forests. The organization is going through its toughest times and asks for the contribution of the People to keep existing and protecting the bears of our Nation. Our Leader, Nikos Michaloliakos renowned ecologist (he even HOSTS IN HIS HOUSE 2 stray dogs and one stray cat!) answered the call with this donation.

  28. The upcoming Greek municipal and EU parliamentary elections spell the end for New Democracy and PASOK. This is common knowledge in Greece.

  29. WOW – You really have no moral compass whatsoever do you. Golden Dawn donated €5000 to the organization ARKTOUROS which cares for bears in Greece. The organization accepted the donation, but then after pressure from the Left leaning media and Leftist political groups it decided to reject the donation.

    From a moral perspective Golden Dawn did the best it could. It saved and donated money to an animal welfare organization.

    On the other hand, Shameless Leftists are so full of hate, that they pressured the staff at the animal welfare organization to return the donation. Unfortunately for the bears” the staff yielded to the pressure and instead of using the money to help the bears they gave it back.