Turkish Corvette Violates Greek Territorial Waters

BANDIRMAToday, a Turkish Corvette violated Greek territorial waters. This is a new provocation from Turkish armed forces. The Turkish corvette Bandirma was moving from north to south and on February 11, 2014 passed by the Strait of Kafirea. It almost circled the four Greek islands of Evia, Kea, Kynthos and Andros. The Turkish corvette violated the Greek territorial sea at 6:25 am and sailed in the area until 9:50 am, when eventually it returned to Turkish territorial waters. In fact, while the Turkish corvette was in Greek territorial waters, it approached the coast of the four Greek islands.

This action without a doubt indicated the aggressive attitude of the Turkish army. The violation of the Greek territorial waters by the Turkish corvette aimed to provoke the Greek authorities once more.

This recent provocative act has raised many concerns to the Greek Ministry of National Defense. In addition, the fact that the violation happened to coincide with the simultaneous talks between the president of Cyprus and the Turkish-Cypriot leader in order to formalize the beginning of a new round of negotiations aimed to peaceful solution for the Cypriot issue, raises some very serious questions that have yet to be answered.


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