Northern Greece: Treasure Hunters



    A multi-member group of Greeks from Thessaloniki and Serres have started digging in several spots in a nearby region of Amphipolis, north Greece, looking for lost treasure that is rumored to be hidden in the field of the region.

    Every day, large digging machines are passing by the small village in Amphipolis as they are heading to the fields where the treasure is supposed to be hidden. Every time the locals pass, they start endless conversations, making various comments about the “hunt of the lost treasure.”

    “They will find nothing but an empty shell” says the majority of the villagers as they claim that there is no story of a hidden treasure in their region.

    Some villagers stated to ANA-MPA that “the treasure hunters do not dig under some marked areas, trees or big rocks. Instead they randomly dig huge holes of great depth.”

    The treasure hunters however, continue to search for the hidden treasure without losing hope.


    1. This article is sort of a “non-story” about a “non-story.” Perhaps we should wait until they find something before the tale is newsworthy. I’m reminded of the old journalistic rule: “If a dog bites a man–that’s not news. If a man bites a dog–that’s news.”

    2. I agree much ado about nothing. These are probably relic hunters searching for the 422 BC battlefield between Athens and Sparta.

    3. Maybe so. Nevertheless, the hyperbola here is pure and unadulterated sensationalism. A battlefield would be logical–there is probably one under every rock in Greece. This story makes it sound like these people have traced the Holy Grail to this location. And I love the photo accompanying the article–Hollywood could have done better. . .

    4. An accompanying photo would be interesting. Anywhere you dig in Greece there is history. Some years ago a farmer in Marathon was digging a well and fell into a Mycenaean tomb. No Holy Grail (too early)but many relics. My knee jerk reaction was they were digging tunnels. The question is whether the purpose was to escape or enter Greece? Likely too much rock but certainly worth a look by the authorities if this is a dump site or other illegal or unauthorized activity.