Greek Finance Minister and Farmers Meeting Fruitless

farmers-taxationThe Greek Finance Minister, Yiannis Stournaras, had a meeting earlier today with representatives of the Greek farmers union. However, the two parties could not reach an agreement and the union underlined that they will do everything that is within their power to escalate their struggle.

Farmers that were present at the meeting said that they asked from the Finance Minister to retract the measures regarding taxation and to jointly set a completely new model of primary production, in order to ensure its sustainability and growth.

Another issue of great importance was raised by the farmers during the meeting with Mr. Stournaras. The issue of liquidity. In particular, the union proposed grant loans with low interest rates for Greek producers.

Yiannis Strournaras ruled out the withdrawal of the taxation measures but he was open to discussing matters related with the agricultural sector and take into consideration taxation models of other member States of the European Union.

Greek farmers stated that they will escalate their struggle in order to put pressure on Greek coalition government.

Farmers have already set roadblocks in several places all over Greece.

Meanwhile, the farmers from Phthiotis blocked the National Road Athens-Lamia for 15 minutes. They stopped the traffic flow in both lanes by setting roadblocks and by throwing milk on the road.

A group of riot police officers were at the spot of the protest but did not intervene.


  1. Farmers must pay Taxes like all of us…Greek farmers are no better then anyone else…

  2. A word of caution, when going to the market do not be surprised if food prices jump as farmers and middlemen must pass their expenses on to the consumer. With cuts in salaries, pensions and taxes rising, many Greeks especially the elderly are hard pressed whether to put food on the table or pay expenses. We should avoid complaining about farmers with our mouths full.