Greek Stereotypes

    GreekThere are many ways to describe Greek people, we are communicative, caring, easy-going, hospitable, friendly, generous, smiley, sensual, affectionate, humorous and passionate… The list could be endless, but there are some stereotypes that Greeks can’t shake. In the eye of a foreigner Greeks are:


    I hate to admit it but it seems that people in Greece can’t keep their voice down. In restaurants, bars, the metro, even in libraries there will always be someone unable to talk in a quite manner. The common excuse is that he loves to socialize.


    Foreigners, especially people from northern Europe believe that men (and women) in Greece have a mustache and are covered with hair. However, during the last years Greek men have started taking care of their physical appearance as much as women.


    One of the strongest stereotypes about Greeks is that they are carefree and lazy. However, the current crisis has caused many problems in people’s every day life and anxiety for their future.


    Unfortunately this is a sad fact. Greece is at the highest rate of tobacco consumption in the European Union and recent studies have shown that a large number of Greek students smoke from the age of 15.

    Mamma’s boys and daddy’s girls

    Greek parents are often overprotective and spoil their children. In a Greek family, the mother will cook and clean for her son until he decides to move on and live on his own, which usually happens after the age of 30. On the other hand, a typical Greek father offers his daughter comfort and financial support until she gets married.


    1. The irony is the stereotype is played up by the far left wing political biases of this very website. Despite the economic disaster brought on by igovenrment overspending, the leftist authors here continue to support a bloated nanny state much like their mothers and daddy’s that coddled them.

    2. Which nanny state are you talking about? There are no state benefits for the vast majority of people. Unemployment benefit lasts for a year maximum. There is no child benefit, maternity pay to speak of. No free services, housing benefit, or subsidized housing. Hardly any disability benefit or any such thing. Basically, Greece is not a “handout” country. People in difficulty are on their own unless their families take care of them. I think you should stop perpetrating the myth that Greek people expect handouts and free money. It’s just not true.

    3. What tripe. Time to time warp from past to present people.
      Kalmouki comes across as yet another “self loathing” Greek woman stuck in the 70s and utterly disconnected from the modern Greeks both at home and abroad. If this “piece” is what passes as writing on, the “bar” has either touched the ground –> or quite possibly never left it.
      Maybe Mrs Kalmouki can write about the Turkish stereotypes next and extend the rays of enlightenment emanating from her prose even further. Readers of can’t wait.

    4. The sad part is that most ( girls ) 11 – 13 years old children want to have sex earlier, having fun kissing boys etc.

    5. There was a nanny state until recently. Now we spent ourselves into the ground all the shameless leftist trolls that made all the outrageous demands for more and more money are out of the streets against demanding money…other people’s money. Instead of focusing on their own business, they want to roll back the government cuts.

    6. I am not accusing every Greek of being this way. Far from. I am accusing leftist Greeks of being this way.

      Why do you think far leftist trolls like Thes9niki support communist Syriza? Its precisely because Syriza opposes government cut. Leftists shamelessly continue to demand government handouts when they know our government doesn’t have the money. Golden Dawn antics gets all the attention but the reality is we have a far bigger problem with far leftist extremism. Consider that between Syriza, KKE and other communist oriented parties nearly 35 of our population votes for communists. When you see rioting in Greece on TV, Internet and news. Virtually always its leftists.


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