103-Year-Old Woman Dies in Cephalonia

    samaras-giagia-660A 103-year-old woman named Stella, who became well known after she met Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras during his visit to the island of Cephalonia, Greece,  has passed away.

    A few days ago, when Samaras was visiting the earthquake victims in Cephalonia, he met with the old woman and the two had a small conversation.

    She had lived through the great earthquake that occurred in 1953 on the island of Cephalonia. On the occasion of the Greek Prime Minister’s inspection of the affected areas she told him, “Cephalonia is strong and can bear the earthquakes.”

    According to Cephalonia’s news, the woman died somewhere around midnight on Thursday, February 14. Her mind was crystal clear until the last minute of her life.

    News of her death spread quickly on the island and everyone was very emotional. All those who knew her spoke of a quiet, gentle and clever woman who never bothered anyone.


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