Greek Islands are Second Top Honeymoon Destination

Greek Islands Top Honeymoon DestinationAn equally significant part of a wedding’s preparation is the honeymoon. A couple spends enough time thinking of the right place to travel to, and as expected, they think of an exotic island, a romantic city somewhere dreamy far from their hometown, some place on the earth where they can be alone and live out their romance.

For some people, the perfect honeymoon destination are the Caribbean Islands; for others, it might be Paris or Venice, or the Greek Islands. The question is “Where would YOU like to go on your honeymoon?”

A recent survey conducted by booking site showed that the Greek Islands are the second most wanted honeymoon destination after Maldives.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering Greece is a country where you can combine various tastes. There are so many beautiful islands, there are mountains and the countryside, there are romantic cities like Corfu town or Rhodes, exotic beaches in Crete where you can enjoy your cocktails, and you can even find isolated places if you want to be alone with your partner. And, do not forget about the tasty food — meat, vegetables, dairy products, and Greek yogurt!

The booking site’s customers from around the world had to choose between 20 pre-selected locations, cities, countries and other locales.

These are the results of the survey from

Maldives — 20.3%
Greek Islands — 7.8%
Paris — 7.6%
Bali — 7.1%
Hawaii — 6.6%
Italy — 6.5%
Caribbean Islands — 5.7%
Tahiti — 5.6%
New Zealand — 5.2%
Istanbul — 3.8%
Phuket — 3.5%
Australia — 3.4%
Prague — 2.8%
Las Vegas — 2.7%
New York — 2.5%
Spain — 2.5%
Cancun — 2.4%
Rio de Janeiro — 2.2%
Croatia — 1.0%
Montreal — 0.9%