Greek PM to Visit Mount Athos

Mount_AthosGreek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras is scheduled to visit Mount Athos on Saturday, February 15, hence breaking a “taboo” held by members of his party, New Democracy.

Since the exposure of the scandal surrounding the monastery of Vatopedi in 2008, which is located within the Greek autonomous monastic state, none of the conservative party’s members have paid a visit to the region. Former PM Kostas Karamanlis was the last member of New Democracy who visited the mountain peninsula in the north of Greece in 2006.

After Samaras became head of the Greek government, some first visits were held by governmental officials to “Agion Oros,” “Holy Mountain” in Greek, the name which the area bears, as it was believed that “Mount Athos is more than just the monastery of Vatopedi.”

The visit of the Greek PM is scheduled to last 24 hours. Samaras is expected to arrive at the state’s capital, Karyes, late on Saturday and depart at 5 p.m. on Sunday.

According to the schedule, the PM will visit the monasteries of Iviron and Simonos Petra, and will pay his respects to the holy icon of Axion Esti, which is dedicated to Mary and is located in the primary church (the Protaton) of the capital town. He will also hold meetings with the monastic society, the representatives of the 20 monasteries and also address problems like the tax rules applied to the region.

Samaras will be joined by New Democracy members Konstantinos Arvanitopoulos, Minister for Education and Religious Affairs, and Theodoros Karaoglou, Minister for Macedonia and Thrace, as well as Yiannis Ioannidis, candidate Governor for Central Macedonia, and Stavros Kalafatis, candidate Mayor for the Municipality of Thessaloniki.


  1. Samaras is visiting not anti hellenic commies like comrade Tsipiras

    During the cold war, communists tried to ban religion (so much for freedom of expression). Our own communists treasonously mass murdered Greeks for IMRO (who not only wanted to detach our country but delete our very identity as Greeks).

    Communists in general are collectivist oriented. They take a gang approach to arriving at their ethics rather than principled approach. Whatever the gang agrees should be ethically, they agree. No ethics of their own. The funny thing is the communists keep talking as if they represent the entire Greek populations when in fact the majority of Greeks despise communists.

  2. True the Left change their opinions according to the which ever direction the wind blows. This has been the case since Andreas Papandreou and they have become the Wind, driving the agenda and chasing away anyone they deem as questioning their assumptions and feelings. We can no longer survive run by a government of polls, popularity and pacification. We must recapture a favourable Wind and keep the opposition on the defensive with basic kitchen table issues that help the nation recover back to work, put bread on the table, safety on our streets and families together. Samaras’ visit to Mount Athos is election politicking with photo-ops to “appease” the religious right but nothing substantive that we need.

  3. It isn’t only to “appease”. It’s to let Greeks know he also cares about Greeks not only illegals (unlike leftists like Dabilis who spend their time arguing for illegal migrants rather than opposing them).

    Appeasing is what lazy minded populists do with empty promises of government handouts. The reality is there is no more money. If we want money we have to produce things in the private sector not sit around waiting for Samaras to feed us (or any other politician for that matter).

    Until enough Greeks under their salvation isn’t to be found in parasitically living off the government… but in producing things themselves…..our economy will go nowhere.

  4. I wonder what Samaras who claims to be Orthodox Christian thinks about what Orthodox Christian Saint John Chrysostomos taught about the Jewish race.

    The Orthodox Christian Church honors Saint John Chrysostomos as a Saint and counts him among the Three Holy Hierarchs. The Three Holy Hierarchs are Basil the Great (also known as Basil of Caesarea), Gregory the Theologian (also known as Gregory of Nazianzus) and Saint John Chrysostomos born in Antioch, later made Archbishop of Constantinople where he was noted for rejecting a lavish lifestyle. The Three Holy Hierarchs played pivotal roles in shaping Christian theology.

    Saint John Chrysostomos wrote the famous “8 HOMILIES AGAINST THE JEWS” which helped shape Christian views on Jewry.

    In Greek the homilies are called Kata Ioudaiōn (Κατὰ Ιουδαίων), which is translated as Adversus Judaeos in Latin and Against the Jews in English.

    Saint John Chrysostomos (his name meaning “golden mouthed” in English) states:

    “For he who has no limits in his love of Christ must have no limits in his battle with those who hate Him, I hate the Jews”

    REST ASSURED, when Golden Dawn is elected to govern Greece the 8 homilies against the Jews written by the “Golden-mouthed” shall be made mandatory reading for Hellenic schoolchildren.

  5. And what’s your image supposed to prove? All it shows is Samaras in a picture sitting in front of Jewish symbol. Had he been in a Muslim country it would be a picture of crescent move. Paranoid

    Why do you think that Samaras is friendly to Israel?

    a. Because he’s secretly Jewish and trying to destroy the Greek people?

    b. Because he recognizes Jewish people are great producers and would make good allies?

  6. REST ASSURED your party will never rule Greece. REST ASSURED those on the party involved in violent or racist attacks will be imprisoned.

  7. Open a history book and you’ll find ancient Greeks believed in Zeus not Jesus. They were strongly opposed to christianity. (a religion forced on Europe by Roman legions)

    Using “Hellenic” and “Christianity” is the same breath is a contradiction in terms. Those truly dedicated to Hellenism are either atheists or pray to Zeus, Apollo Hera, et al..

  8. Greece’s treasonous anti-Hellenic PM Antonis Samaras ordered the arrest and imprisonment of 1/3 of Golden Dawns MP’s on the instructions of foreign Jewish lobbies. Even leading Leftists who are dedicated enemies of Golden Dawn admit this. Consider the following.

    The arrests of top Golden Dawn MP’s CAME JUST 5 DAYS after World Jewish Congress leader Ronald Lauder demanded an end to Golden Dawns presence in the Greek parliament saying:

    “It is high time Greek politicians HONOR THEIR PLEDGE and adopt effective legislation that will put an end to completely unacceptable harassment of immigrants, ethnic minorities, immigrants and political opponents by the extremist Golden Dawn party…Words of condemnation, although important, won’t suffice. Greece’s leaders need to take action against those who create a climate of fear and who pose a threat to many of their fellow citizens. There can be no legitimate place in the Greek parliament for parties whose public statements and actions are racist or anti-Semitic and who operate in many ways like the Nazis did seventy years ago. If legislation is insufficient to deal with such organizations and individuals, it ought to be strengthened, because the people of Greece deserve to be protected from the forces that seek to destroy liberal democracy and reject even basic civil rights.”


    Speaking at a March 21st, 2013 Holocaust remembrance ceremony attended by European Jewish Congress president Moshe Kantor, Greece’s PM Antonis Samaras stated: “The Greek government will ENACT LEGISLATION that will be “completely intolerant to violence and racism, the fight against neo-Nazis is more important than ever”. Also speaking at the ceremony, Moshe Kantor, the President of the European Jewish Congress, called on the Greek government to “COMPLETELY ERADICATE the ultra-right and the neo-Nazi parties from the political horizon of Greece.”

  9. 97% of Hellenes are baptised members of Greece’s Orthodox Christian Church. Whether you like it or not, that’s the reality. I realise that reality is not one of the strong points of delusional Venizelos-Samaras Junta extremists.

  10. During his visit, I wouldn’t have been surprised if the venerated saints in the icons didn’t turn their back to him.

  11. I suggest you cease your endless anti-Hellenic bashing of Greek Orthodox Christianity and acknowledge the central role played by the Greek Orthodox Church in maintaining Hellenic identity and safeguarding Hellenic national sovereignty. You regularly talk about how the Skopians (with their obvious ethnic Bulgarian roots) are relentlessly trying to re-write history and to deny the well established historical fact that Alexander the Great was Greek and that the Ancient Macedonians were Greek. Were you aware that one of they leaders of the Hellenic struggle to liberate the georgraphic region of the present day state of Macedonia in Northern Greece was the Greek Orthodox Christian Archbishop Germanos Karavagelis? Check out this link.
    Golden Dawn recently commemorated this Hellenic freedom figher.

  12. He’s outlasted Golden Dawn. He will outlast Syriza as well.

    The very fact he won the last election, despite the mess that last ND adminstration made, is a testimonial to his cunning. He’s a strategist that make alliances necessary to get things done.

    He will only lose my support is if he treasonous buckles to foreigner pressure on FYROM. (like the cowardly treasonous leftists are prone to doing because they just want to be “comrades”)

  13. I am not bashing the greek church. In fact I usually defend it because although they are lacking in some respects they are far more committed to hellenism than pseudo-Greek leftists that care more about their leftwing ideology and what the antihellenic trolls at the Guardian and Am-Nasty International think of them.

    However, even the Greek church is not as Hellenic as it should be. They put christianity, a foreign religion, ahead of Hellenism’s true faith. The Greeks I trust most of all are the ones that are either devoted to the ancient Gods or atheists that use reason to question the validity of any religion but are still firmly committed to Hellenism.

    To be true to hellenism, one has to go to the source as reasonably as possible. We should only change that which we know is wrong or that which can be improved upon. Everything else is like the Skopians. Substitution.

  14. You can be assured that your idol Antonis Samaras who is a mere puppet of foreign Jewish lobbies will sellout Greece on the Macedonia name issue. I’ve warned you time and again that ONLY Golden Dawn can be trusted to never yield on Greece’s demands that Skopia cease pretending to have any links to the Macedonians who all serious historians recognize were Greek.


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