Village in Crete Slowly Sinking

    village flooded

    The fifteen remaining residents of the village Sfendili, Crete in Greece live without electricity and water as their village is slowly being covered by water because of a dam built in the area 14 years ago. The village is located in the reservoir dam, under the filling level and it is gradually being flooded with water.

    The Greek state has already provided the residents compensation for the loss of their properties. However, the villagers claim that the compensation is small and that the government should have arranged for the village’s relocation to another region. Their request hasn’t been accepted yet and despite the Public Prosecutor’s ultimatum, they refuse to abandon the place in which they were born and raised.

    The foundation of the village dates back to 1577. It is a medieval village with a long history and rich culture. Within the village, there is a Byzantine church from the 14th century with impressive fresco’s, but the government hasn’t ensured its protection.


    1. Sounds like a great tourist destination the sinking city of Crete. Hire some girls dressed as Mermaids to swim around divers. Relive the Santorini Tsumani impact on Crete as you swim down inundated streets and into houses. In short make the best of it.


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