Greek Civil Servants on Strike

Gen_StrikeThe union of Greek civil servants (ADEDY) reacting to the bill lodged by the Ministry of Administrative Reform and Electronic Governance and the upcoming dismissals, has announced two 48-hour strikes.

The Ministry’s bill, through the abolition and merger of legal entities is promoting new dismissals. The civil servants also object to the new evaluation system in the public sector, according to which it will be compulsory that 15% of civil servants are assessed as inadequate.

The first 48-hour strike will take place on March 13 and 14. The protests will escalate on March 22 when the Greek government will announce the first day of layoffs of civil servants who entered the availability scheme eight months ago.

Employees in the public sector stated that they will  struggle against layoffs and the dismantling of public services and that they will coordinate their action with the fights of the Greek society suffering from unemployment and poverty. The union of Greek civil servants has also invited the General Confederation of Greek Workers (GSEE) and other social organizations in Greece to join their fight to defend public goods and the overthrowing of the troika’s brutal and destructive policies.

Troika’s demands for further dismissals and austerity measures have caused the intense reaction of many labor unions which more and more frequently proceed with new strikes.


  1. The government is doing what is should be done years ago which is getting rid off all workers who do not qualify for jobs or they been hired through back door channels…Public service sector must clean up it’s act and provide the proper services to help build up our economy and bring the country back from the dead…The cause of this country’s bankruptcy is the huge borrowing to pay for out civil servants huge salaries and benefits and we still paying their debts from our hard earning…Shame on you ADEDEY, your actions do not help the country’s economy instead it does sink it further…Shame on you Antonis, shame on you…

  2. I agree that you our government is doing what it should have been doing what should have been done years ago. Samaras is the exact one pushing those changes even though it makes him unpopular among the self-righteous parasites that shameless demand that our government should give them handouts.

    We should be applauding Samaras for doing a difficult job not denouncing him like the communists and fascist extremists do.

  3. “The union of Greek civil servants (ADEDY) reacting to the bill lodged by the Ministry of Administrative Reform and Electronic Governance and the upcoming dismissals, has announced two 48-hour strikes.”

    It is the unreasonable demands of these union groups (mostly lead by left wing extremists) that pushed us into massive debt and bureaucracy. Their constant strikes that block roads (sometimes violently rioting) are a form of coercion that pressured government after government into appeasing them.

    Unions are not bad in principle. Worker should be able to freely associate to protect their economic interests if management becomes too greedy. However, when unions cross the line to being fronts for far left political propaganda they cross the line into evil.

  4. You are right that the government is making cuts it should have made years ago. This is precisely why we should support Samaras rather than all the losers that complain about him. Unlike past ND and Pasok adminstrations he has the balls to stand up to far leftist unionist thugs. (whereas communists parties like Syriza cater to them)

    The fact the current problem with Greece isn’t ND and Pasok. They have grown up and realized populist rhetoric promising handouts does not balance books. The main problem with Greece is all the parasites that use to widely support Pasok and ND that have moved on to other parties because Pasok and ND stopping promising them handouts.