Now Anastasiades Sleeps With The Enemy

New Cypriot President Dervis Eroglu waves to the crowd
New Cypriot President Dervis Eroglu waves to the crowd

Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades will succeed in his burning desire to reunify the island, whose northern third is still occupied by a standing Turkish army and unlawful invaders, right about the time Greece gets back Istanbul, which it still calls Constantinople, believing it’s 1453.

Anastasiades needs something he can call a victory because he’s been distracted from the Cyprus Problem since being elected last February and immediately reneging on his vow not to confiscate people’s bank accounts to save the banks from their own negligent mistakes.

That was in giving bad loans to Greek businesses and buying Greek bonds that became as valuable as Confederate dollars after former Greek finance chief Evangelos Venizelos devalued them by 74 percent in a failed bid to make a dent in his country’s runaway debt.

Bank account seizures was Anastasiade’s first mistake, compounded by not going after the bankers who brought their institutions and the country’s economy to the edge of ruin.

Now he’s about to make a bigger one, and if he succeeds, he will go down in history as the man who sold out Cyprus, a title that his predecessor, Demetris “Commie” Christofias so dearly wished he could hold.

Anastasiades has agreed to peace talks with his Turkish-Cypriot counterpart Dervis Eroglu, a hardliner who won’t give in on any points for any reason unless Turkey wins. That strategy so frustrated Christofias – who was even willing to have a Turk be the President of Cyprus every other term – that he threw up his hands in prayer to Stalin and decided not to run for re-election.

It won’t be Anastasiades and Eroglu who do the real negotiating after establishing a blueprint that already calls for two separate countries to be under one alleged federal roof – except with the right to supercede the laws they don’t like, which will be most of them.

Technocrat talkers will handle the fine details after being given marching orders: the Cypriots by Anastasiades, and Eroglu by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who’s already declared, “There is no country called Cyprus,” which could make negotiating a little tough if your opposite is invisible or doesn’t exist.

But this is the way the Turkish side does business: our way or the highway, and Anastasiades has already put his country on that highway to hell by believing anything will come out of these talks that will be anything but one-sided and in the Turkish-Cypriot favor. That includes allowing Turks who occupy the homes of Cypriots to keep them, and throw the real owners a couple of bucks in compensation for losing the place where they lived.

Anastasiades has to deal with Cypriots old enough to remember the unlawful 1974 invasion and who want an accounting of 1,619 of their missing countrymen, many allegedly carted off to Turkish prisons after the United States and England gave the green light for the invasion.

It’s unspecified yet, and the talks are mutable, but if Anastasiades allows a Turkish-Cypriot to be President of Cyprus then Cyprus effectively will, as Erdogan wants, cease to exist and Turkey will have occupied the island by proxy, without firing another shot.

Any agreement would have to go to a referendum, as did the tragically flawed Annan Plan in 2004 which was a giveaway to the Turks and so lopsided that 76 percent of the Cypriots voted against it. Fewer will this time because there’s a generation of them who don’t care what happened almost 40 years ago as long as they can get Spotify on their computers.

If someone invaded your house in 1974 and his children or grandchildren are still up in the second floor there, what Anastasiades is ready to do is let them come down and have kitchen and TV privileges – and take half your income, all in the name of settling a problem that wasn’t that of the Cypriots making.

The Turkish-Cypriots will agree to almost anything because it will be in their favor, but also because their side is as bad off economically as the other side of the Green Line in Nicosia separating them, and Turkey wants to get into the European Union, although it doesn’t recognize Cyprus which is, and bars Cypriot ships and planes from entering.

If Turkey didn’t allow French or German ships or planes and declared it didn’t recognize either country, the EU wouldn’t even be talking to Ankara, but Cyprus is so tiny that it doesn’t really count and was an afterthought entry into the bloc. And yet Greece supports Turkey’s admission.

There’s a lot of people who are ready for almost any agreement because they’re weary of four decades of going nowhere, and to them the invasion was ancient history. So is the fall of Constantinople 561 years ago but Greeks haven’t forgotten that.

Within 24 hours of setting down a blueprint for the talks, Anastasiades was already under attack in his own country and had to go on TV to defend the indefensible and why he was in bed with people who want the whole house.

“We need guarded optimism… I don’t want to appear pessimistic, but there is hard work to be done,” he said. He had to explain a joint communique he and Eroglu issued, kick-starting talks delayed two years because Eroglu wasn’t talking to Christofias.

Greek Cypriot critics say the negotiations would lead to a two-state solution through the back door and Anastasiades and Eroglu said that a settlement would be based on a “bi-communal, bi-zonal federation with political equality … with constituent Greek and Turkish Cypriot states.” When you’re talking unification or reunification, the word “bi” means you’re not.

There’s no separate but equal. There’s just separate, and that’s the way Cyprus is going stay unless the smell of oil and gas reserves off its coast draws the greedy. That prospect drove the UN to push the start of these talks again because there’s money to be had off Cyprus and it’s not just the Turks who want it, but American and Israeli and international companies.

The reason no one has been able to solve this conundrum is because it can’t be solved without selling out the Cypriots, which the UN, US, UK, NATO and European Union would dearly love to do so Turkey would be appeased, become a member of the EU and kick billions into the coffers of Brussels so politicians could keep traveling first-class and stay at five-star hotels.

It got so frustrating that the UN’s envoy, Alexander Downer, just recently threw up his hands and quit, finally understanding that, as Zorba said, “On a deaf man’s door you can knock forever.” Hear that, Mr. President?


  1. Dabilis lecturing anyone about “unlawful invaders” is a joke. He’s the same treasonous
    moron that writes article after article in support of illegal migrants.

  2. Dabilis the leftist coward can’t usually even say the word ILLEGAL when reporting on hoard of illegals that keep disrespectfully pouring into our sovereign country.

    Instead he idiotically parrots leftist foreign media like the Guardian or unelected leftist cultists that run Am-nasty International (that behave as if everything they say on every issue is beyond moral question just because they manipulatively put “human rights” in their sentences) These are the same Am-nasty International and Guardian that called the Skopians threatening our country “Macedonians”. (implicitly a denial of our ethnic identity and thus a subtle attempt to ethnically delete the Greek people)

    Meanwhile in the UK (where the Guardian and Am-nasty International were founded)… the modern British are protective of their “British” identity and hostile towards illegal migrants.

    The fact of the matter is the original anglo-saxons were NOT British. The ooriginal Britains were a different tribe that opposed anglo-saxon invaders. The modern anglo-saxons have far far less in common with ancient British than we do ancient Greeks. The “British” can’t even read a single word of the Runic alphabet language they call “old English”, have nothing in common culturally with ancient Brits, and have a trivial biological relationship to them. They simply used the ancient British name to describe themselves.

    One has to wonder how modern “British” like David Cameron would react if everyone started referencing western France as “England”, themselves as “English”, as they drew up maps of “United England”.?

  3. Blah blah blah, all you Cypriots do , who is land and when, get over it, US lived in their land less than Turks been in Istanbul, yeah you can not forget it, and remember what exactly?
    two state is the only way, and this article is nothing more than hot air,
    only part l agree was that Cyprus and Greece should never be allowed to join in the EU.
    tow crook country and its leaders cost Germany billions of Euro. just feel lucky that you are still in.Turkish economy is 3 times bigger than you two put togather

  4. Germany cost Greece (and other countries) BILLIONS after WW2. Lucky for Germans that rest of Europe forgave them. (and that directly after they tried to massacred millions) Germany would not exist as a state had it been forced to pay every last dime it owned. It would have been all sold off.

    As for Turkey, urkeys population is 7 times that of Greece. It it has only 3 times the GDP of Greece that reflects poorly on Turkey.

  5. Byzantium was originally founded by Hellenic settlers between 671BC – 662BC. In 324AD it was renamed Constantinople after the Hellenic Byzantine Emperor Constantine the Great. Greece will one day liberate Constantinople from it’s barbaric Asiatic Islamic Turkish occupiers. This process of liberation will only begin after Golden Dawn is elected to govern Greece. Leftists like Andy Dablis may consider this wishfull thinking, and may laugh at this prediction but need I remind them that in 2009 Golden Dawn was polling 0.29% nationwide and today is believed by many pollsters and political analysts to be polling between 15% to 20%. Furthermore as Golden Dawn candidate Ilias Kasidiaris explains in this video, that Golden Dawn is guaranteed to win the municipality of Athens in May. A couple years back this would have been thought unthinkable.
    Where there is a will, there is a way. Ilias Kasidiaris also states in the video, that the only chance current Mayor Kaminis has of coming first is if a new law was passed banning Greek citizens from voting and allowing only illegal immigrants to vote.

  6. There is no place called “Byzantium”. This is a name never used by our middle age ancestors. They were Romans much like the Romans of the Holy Roman Empire (what became modern Germans)

    The terms “Byzantine” was invented by a modern German to distance the empire from Roman imperial authority (since at the time the Germans claimed to be the “real” Romans). Byzantine is not only used as a political weapon to distance us from our middle age ancestors and ancient Greeks (much like some use “modern” Greeks to describe us) but even is a slur in english.

    Don’t use the term Byzantine. Use Roman. Let the modern Germans use the term Frankfurtines.

  7. Go find us a single map that references “byzantium” in the middle ages. No such map exists. Byzantium was the ancient name of Constantinople before it was renamed by the Roman empire (mostly likely against the wishes of its Greek inhabitants) German Roman Hieronymus Wolf used the term “Byzantine” to distinguish it from the Holy Roman Empire.

    If you remotely knew anything about Hellenism you’d read more and spew gibberish less. You don’t even know basics like the fact ancient Greeks opposed christianity. You care more about German fascism than Hellenism. You are a pseudo-Greek fraud like the skopians. A poser.

  8. Alexander Downer should be ashamed how he has behaved and the Greek Australians won’t forget. We know who side he is on.

  9. Here is what I wrote in my original comment to you:
    ” Byzantium was originally founded by Hellenic settlers between 671BC – 662BC. In 324AD it was renamed Constantinople after the Hellenic Byzantine Emperor Constantine the Great.”

  10. The origins of Fascism are Italian NOT German. If you are not even familiar with such basics of modern history then it’s obvious that your knowledge of ancient history is even more mediocre. You are ridiculous.

  11. Your alleged knowledge of history is laughable if you don’t know that they didn’t call themselves “Byzantines”. I said nothing about the origins of fascism. I simply pointed out you are more concerned with emulating German fascists than Hellenism. Given you support a party run by Nazi lovers, you are in no position to lecture about ridiculous (or patriotism). You are much like the communists. Enamoured with foreign ideology. A pseudo-Greek that substitutes non-Greek things as being a synonym for Greek.

  12. Emperor Constantine was NOT a “Byzantine”. he was a ROMAN… and one of non-Greek descent. If you remotely knew any history you would also know ancient Greeks strongly opposed christianity. It was a religion forced on Greece (and much of Europe) by Roman legions. Who do you think ended the Olympics? Who do you think closed the academy in Athens? Who do you think forced everyone to identify as Roman rather than Hellenes? Oppressive Taliban-like christian Romans.

    You would also know there isn’t a single reference of our middle age ancestors referencing themselves as “Byzantines”. Why do you you use the names imposed on them by foreigners hostile towards us? Do you understand by using the term “Byzantine” you are a fool behaving like the treasonous “Greeks” that call the Skopians “Macedonians”?

    You are poser like the Skopians. You imagine history rather than read into actual events. You substitute non-Hellenic things for Greek. A pseudo-Greek like our leftists except rather than obsessed with leftist ideology you are obsessed with fascism. Move to Germany if you like Nazism so much. The religion of a Greek is Hellenism.

  13. Wrong. You are the one that needs the education. The WORD fascism began with Mussolini. The practice of fascism began centuries before Mussolini.

  14. Mussolini is ITALIAN. The origins of Fascism are in Italy. WOW! I’m shocked at how uneducated you are.

  15. What I said stupid, was the origin of the WORD, that’s the WORD “fascism” began with Mussolini (Italy). The practice of fascism began centuries before Mussolini………moron. You obviously have a severe reading comprehension problem.

    Look up the definition of “fascism”, assuming you can read. What I stated was correct. The practice of defined “fascism” began centuries before Mussolini. That translates to mean you were wrong as to the origin of actual “fascism.”

    Trust me, my education is light years ahead of yours.

  16. I don’t understand what your point is.. even if Constantine the Great was not a Hellene, his imperial legacy was ultimately Hellenized- linguistically, culturally and religiously. The Roman Empire and the [Orthodox] Church bestowed great power and honor to the Greek nation and near eastern Hellenic civillisation as a whole.

  17. Your antagonist appears to be arguing present day Greece, in both her geographic and socio-political composition, is derived purely from pagan ancient Greece, and not from any continuity with Hellenic-Roman imperial legacy. The fact you make reference to the latter with pride arguably puts you at odds what you officially stand for, which is a Greece from which present day western European (Occidental) civiliisation is derived, or what can be essentially classed as European Greece, rather than a Hellenic Near Eastern Greece, which is what your antagonist is arguing. Yet the fact is nothing of present day Greece can be traced back to pagan antiquity, the Hellenic-Roman imperial civillisation from the medieval era constitutes the core of present day Greek national identity. Funnily enough with us Serbians our Serbian-Christian imperial civillisation is all we know, or rather all that has meaning in our national identity, ultimately 🙂

  18. Having said that, being Serbian Orthodox at a certain point estranges me and my people from western Europeans. Truly our divergent east-west legacies live in us today, yet in my experience we of the European Orient know more of the identity of the Occident, than do Occidentals themselves. And they also don’t know or even care to know their own civllizational roots lie in the Christianized Roman empire of Constantine, like we are fully aware ours do. Put it this way, I as a Serbian have a much more similar world and cultural view with an Orthodox Syrian, then I can ever seem to have with an Englishman, even though my people are from the European continent and in certain part have a European based heritage. Perhaps we from the eastern areas are really more European than the Europeans themselves..