Luxurious Greek Yachts Remain Unsold

onassisMany luxurious yachts belonging to Greek tycoons remain unsold, many of which were built by some of Greece’s most famous. The luxurious past of these yachts and their historic connection with the famous Greek tycoons doesn’t seem to have much of an effect on attracting additional interest from any potential buyers.

“Christina O” is the name of a mega yacht that encapsulates the legend that Aristotle Onassis was. The luxury boat was named after the beloved daughter of the Greek Tycoon, Christina Onassis. Even though the ship was manufactured many years ago, it still impresses with its luxury and high design.  The yacht had in the past hosted many prominent figures of the political scene and showbiz. Even though the price has been dropped to 25 million euros, there is no one interested in purchasing the luxurious boat.

alexander_h_633_451The extravagant mega yacht “Alexander” owned by Yiannis Latsis also remains unsold. It is about 122 meters and was manufactured in 1966 in a German shipyard. It was manufactured to be a cruise boat. “Alexander” is included on the list of most luxurious yachts in the world and features a disco-bar, a 27-seats cinema, a gym, a beauty salon and 40,000 cabins.

The luxurious yacht that has in the past hosted many famous figures of Hollywood belongs today to Spyros Latsis. This ship is available for purchase for 35 million euros.

delmaThe splendid super yacht of Constantine Alexander Goulandris, “Delma,” costs approximately 53 million euros. It is 85.2 m in length, with 18 suites, a beauty salon, a swimming pool and a spa. This ship is among the 100 biggest yachts in the world.

ermis2Another luxury yacht is “Ermis 2” owned by Yiannis Alafouzos. It is a boat renowned for its incredible speed and has been awarded for its high design too. Despite its unique design no one has shown interest in purchasing the boat that is available at the price of 13 million euros.


  1. This illustrates the problem with the elladite Greek mindset . n.b. that the market value is irrelevant . Its obvious to any sane observer that these yachts are not worth what these owners are are asking . Let’s have an auction and we will see how much they are worth . This mentality also exists in the market house . When you go and buy a house in Athens they are almost always overvalued — its obvious that the owners are not serious sellers and are just “fishing” for suckers .The value of anything can only be established by a free and open( i.e. free from corruption ) auction . If these greedy owners are not careful the only thing some of these older yachts will be us for scrap in India.

  2. Your claim “Greek politicians that stole all the countries wealth”… is NOT TRUE. You resort to hyperbole so much you end up believing untrue things.

    Granted our prior governments made many mistakes but that is a different issue. The fact is if every Euro stolen by a *minority* of Greek politicians was returned to governemnt coffers, it would be a drop in the bucket of the debt Greece owes. What part of rich, poor and middle class citizens also stole and abused the system don’t you understand?

    Are Greek politicians to blame that 40 percent of our population cheated on taxes? Don’t those people hold moral responsibility for being treasonous thieves that steal from their own country? Are you really so gullible you believe the rants of incompetent fascist and communist populists that just exploit the situation to gain power?

  3. Great idea lets auction your house and car to see how much they are worth. If you cannot sell them, an auction is the next best thing since you are greedy and purposefully inflate the value of your assets to find a “sucker”. Once your assets are auctioned, the auctioneer will take their commission, and the greedy government will apply a capital gains tax, transfer tax and fees, so in reality you will be receiving very, very little for your money paid to buy and maintain your house and car. But at least no one will now call you greedy. You do have a car and a house don’t you?

  4. The “greedy government” cannot fund public services without taxation. On the one hand some Greeks complain about the government not giving enough handouts. On the other they complain that they have to pay taxes.


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