Papandreou Claims Primary Surplus Was His Doing, Blasts Samaras

Former Greek Premier George Papandreou wants his due
Former Greek Premier George Papandreou wants his due

More than two years after he was hounded out of office by protests, strikes and riots over austerity measures he imposed on the orders of international lenders, former Prime Minister George Papandreou said he laid the groundwork for a primary surplus that current Premier and New Democracy Conservative party leader Antonis Samaras said his administration created.

The former PASOK Socialist chief Papandreou, who is still a sitting Member of Parliament and spent much of his time lecturing to Ivy League colleges in the United States on governance – and giving lucrative speeches on the lecture circuit – has also blamed the European Union and speculators for creating Greece’s crushing economic crisis.

He took no responsibility for the crisis nor for his party and New Democracy packing public payrolls with hundreds of thousands of needless workers for decades in return for votes.

Papandreou criticized Samaras’ coalition – which also includes PASOK – for failing to acknowledge what he said was the part his administration played in reducing the country’s deficit, although it didn’t make a dent while he was ruling.

Still, he said, his policies led to today’s government being able to reach a primary surplus of 1.5 billion euros ($2.05 billion) – not including interest on the $325 billion owed to the Troika of the European Union-International Monetary Fund-European Central Bank for two bailouts.

In a statement issued through his press officer in Greece, Giorgos Elenopoulos, Papandreou expressed frustration that members of the government were critical of decisions taken in 2010 and 2011, when PASOK was in power.

Samaras, while out of office before winning in 2012, criticized Papandreou for implementing pay cuts, tax hikes and slashed pensions but embraced them as soon as he won and said they are the only way out of the crisis although they’ve also created record unemployment and deep poverty.

In comments primarily aimed at New Democracy and, Papandreou argued that the primary surplus Greece has achieved now has come about as a result of decisions taken in 2010 and 2011. “Eighty percent of the effort to reduce the huge primary deficit of 2009 happened during the two-year period 2010-2011,” he said.

“At the same time, Greece headed the table for the rate of reforms among all the OECD member states,” he said. He didn’t criticize his own party for its role in Samaras’ government, which he supports and to which he has given his vote when he’s in the country.


  1. Once a “spin doctor”–always a “spin doctor.” The question is what were the faculty and students at Harvard and Columbia smoking when sitting through his lectures on “How to Manage a Nation in Time of Crises”?

  2. Why is this dishonorable and immoral lowlife roaming around free when he should be arrested, prosecuted and put before the Hague International Court for trial on the basis of TREASON and BETRAYAL to Greece?
    The military dictatorship -junta should have blown away his entire family including him when they had the chance on rooftop. Millions worldwide regret that not happening.
    He’s a filth and a lying politican!

  3. Question should be asked “Why in the world would respectable Deans of each department at Harvard and Columbia invite this dirtbag to lecture?”

  4. Answer: He shares his stash with the others.
    Papandreou’s comment exemplifies the deteriorated state of politics, universities and bureaucracies. The recycling of politicians has created a devolutionary spiral as they leave elected office they move on to university professorships/lecturers or appointments to the UN, IMF, EU, World Bank, etc.. A far nobler duty for the former PM would be to remain silent in retirement or work behind the scenes for a better Greece.

  5. It would be noble for him to work behind scenes for a better Greece but why would he want to do something for the better? After all, it was his father and grandfather that brought the disgrace and creation of PASOK which ultimately led to the demise of current Greece. Why would he want to disrupt the on going failures of his father and grandfather’s policies of Nepotism and a kleptocracy government?

  6. “He took no responsibility for the crisis nor for his party and New Democracy packing public payrolls with hundreds of thousands of needless workers for decades in return for votes.”

    Is this sort of like leftwing Andy Dablis that takes no responsibility for wildly supporting Pasok for decades?

  7. Wasn’t it Papandreou that assured everyone before being elected “eparxoun lefta”?

    What’s ironic is many of the leftist dumbasses that widely supported him, rather than learn from their mistake and accept cuts had to be made (to balance budgets… have moved even further left and support Syiza… a party made up of communists. Apparently 100 million dead due to communist thugs over the course of the 20th century is not enough misery for these evil degenerates. They call communist tyranny “democracy” ,much like the North Koreans.

    Whats troubling is alleged “moderate” leftist that go on and on about Golden Dawn, say nothing of very little to condemn these communist fanatics (no small number of which are violent — see endless violent riots/strikes and constant vandalism). The fact is there are two extremes in Greece. GD and Syriza.

  8. “The military dictatorship -junta should have blown away his entire family”

    You are now arguing a military dictatorship should have murdered his family?

  9. Stongmenabc wrote below…

    “The military dictatorship -junta should have blown away his entire family”

    As far as I can tell that is not “constructive dialogue”. People that say thing like that and advocate dictatorships tend to work at concentration camps.

  10. What is your point? Do you want everyone to be in agreement? That is unrealistic and while there is freedom of speech they have a right to voice their opinion. When you restrict freedoms then you are entering the dark world of despotism and absolutism. I do not believe that is where you are going.

  11. And the Oscar for the sleekest Greek Crook goes to…….Samaras…..Papadimos…..Papandreou……Stournaras……Venizelos….Tsipras…..Kouvelis……Manitakis……….I am getting confused now…….

  12. Perhaps you should give your advice about “restricting freedoms then you are entering the dark world of despotism and absolutism”… to those that advocate murdering the families of politicians and call for Greece to become a free speech oppressed North Korea?

  13. And the oscar for the biggest fascist propagandist goes to…..Hans-Friedrich Blunck… Hermann Esser,,,Hans Fritzsche….Joseph Goebbels… tediusa…

    Tedi is getting confused now.

  14. Is that what you do in your spare time, Moderator-insulting and trolling the non-Greek comentators on this leftist tabloid?Do you want me to find out who the Owner of this site is and have a word with him?How would you like to lose your job about what you do?

  15. The downfall of Greece was started by this family of morons. Papandreou could best be described as an educated idiot. His economics degree (which is an easy major) is just that……. a degree. Neither had the common sense to go along with the college degree.

  16. My advice is immaterial to those that are expressing their opinion. I can always apply my opinion when I please, whether they accept or reject it is entirely their choice. I cannot force my views upon another person that would be North Korea.

  17. Ouuu. I’m so scared. So go ahead. Try to forcibly stifle my free speech Nazi. That’s what Nazis do after all. Good luck.

  18. You seem cogent so I’m guessing that you don’t support executions of families of our politicians (regardless of political affiliation). I’m also assuming you don’t support mass hangings and Greece being run by no one Greeks (another one of his positions). Assuming you don’t want Greece to end up like North Korea. This is not the case with some of the posters here.

  19. That’s right! freedom of Speech. I’m NOT a terrorist idiot. I’m more of an ethical person than you’ll ever be. Difference is you support all the PASOK and ND that looted the country of its wealth because most likely your parents were part or among them. Go back in ur hole and hibernate moron.

  20. All I’m looking for is JUSTICE to be served. When judges are part of the corruption and protect those who betrayed Greece then yes hangings like they do in N.Korea fit the crime.

  21. George Papandreou F U…Do you know what that means??? You sold the country to the highest bidder and still have the guts to open your FKNG filthy mouth and after your political party members looted the country’s wealth??? How dare you??? You should be in jail with the rest of the gang instead of roaming free enjoying what your father, your mother and all your party members stole from us all…Shame on you

  22. 100% correct. I stand behind my statement. It’s called Freedom of Speech and I haven’t violated or broken any laws. I’m expressing my opinion. This despicable family of 3 generations destroyed Greece from the start. There is so much more I want to tell you to enlighten you about these thugs but I don’t have enough time tonight. Open up a book and read about all the scams, corruptions and fraud they brought about to Greece. Who do you think brought over all these thugs from abroad (Germany-USA and Canada)? Andreas. Read read read because you are clueless………………….

  23. 100 % correct you are. Andreas brought over all the thugs from USA Canada and Germany and formed PASOK- another word for Nepotism and Kleptocracy that ruled consecutively with ND for 40 years plus. Tsohatzopoulos, papoulias (another useless politician sitting on his butt collecting 300-400,000 euros as President of Greece-appalling)………………… I stand behind my statements 100%. They all should be executed by hanging for destroying Greece……………….

  24. “Justice’ is killing the families of policiians?

    “Justice” is turning our country into North Korea?

    “Justice’ is indiscrimate mass hangings?

    I think you need to spend more time thinking what to say before claiming to speak for justice

  25. I do not support anyone looting Greece… including the communists who have an ideology devoted to looting the hard work of others.

    I actually recognize that Pasok and ND made many mistakes but I continue to strongly support our colliation govenrment because they are both making efforts to correct those mistakes whereas the current alternatives of fascism and communists are looking to double down on their stupidity.

    My goal is to fix our country not hangings and vandettas that would lead to civil war. That’s what the Skopians and other Greek haters want. I love Greece and want to make it better not worse.

  26. I consider it a compliment from someone that calls for indiscriminate executions, wants to murder the families of our politicians, claims “Greeks shouldn’t rule Greece” and wants to turn us into North Korea.

    Such people behave more like the Khmer Rouge than anything Hellenic . Its unsurprising you are nowhere to be found when Skopians come trolling Greek Reporter. Like most leftists, you are too busy begging for handouts and kissing the asses of foreigners hostile towards Greece to do anything in defense of hellenism.

  27. You haven’t broken any laws but some of what you advocate is downright evil.

    Unlike the former Pasok voters that now vote for communist Syriza, I am not a leftist so I have no lost love for Papandreou. However aside from the fact he’s Greek, he’s also human. People that believe in justice don’t call for executions of family members because they disagree with some politician in the family. That’s not justice. That’s murder.

    You aren’t even rationally consistent in your irrationality. If you really wanted to punish sins of the father, why wouldn’t you equally criticize of the civil war :heros” of your beloved communist thugs in Syriza? They were pseudo “Greeks” that tried to ethnically erase the Greek people for the sake of IMRO, Tito and Stalin.

    Seeing as you seem so keen on murdering Greeks.. one has to wonder if you are Greek?

  28. You tend to repeat your comments which after several times becomes a bore, and you apply your opinion in a tense either as advising but more likely instructing. It also suggests you have run out of points to make and are now recycling the topic to no avail as these have been already discussed. Do you have anything else constructive to the dialogue?

  29. In my eyes, justice is hanging all the politicians that bankrupted Greece. I understand fully, it wasn’t only them- white collar and blue collar and people from all paths of life there was no revenue being collected -taxes or the minimum for decades. BUT it was PASOK and ND that created millions of payroll jobs government employees milking the system in return for votes. The politicians BANKRUPTED GREECE full circle al corruption with banksters-businessmen-etc. Everyone protecting each other.
    So to answer your question- Tsohatsopoulos, Papoulias, Karamanlis, Papantoniou, Pangalos, Bakoyianni, Liapis, Venizelos and tons more I can’t think of at moment all should be HANGED!

  30. Can’t this clown just stfu and go away already. The Papandreou name starting with Andreas has destroyed Greece, and this idiot keeps commenting. Go away moron, stick to poisoning minds in the US University you’re currently in, no one is buying your bullcrap.

  31. Thugs from the US, Canada and Germany? No, its more like he pardoned communist war criminals and let them back into the country, they then flooded and took over labor unions.

  32. fyi. Strongmenabc supports those communists thugs. He says we should vote for Comrade Tsipiras.

    Aside from that hesupports turning Greece into “North Korea”, says Greeks should be banned from running Greece, advocates killing the families our politicians and mass indiscriminate hangings of those politicians.

    Frankly, given his constant anti-Greek rants and seeming desire to mass murder other Greeks I’m beginning to wonder if he’s actually Greek. Could be another Skopian false flag trying to stir the pot. (he never comments when they come here)

  33. Whats funny is Greek reporters staff constantly criticism him now but you can bet virtually all of them voted for him!

    The real reason why leftists turne don their hero Papandreou is because he supported cuts. They complain about the beurcracy built up by past adminstrations (ones they voted for) while at the same time having the exact same attitudes towards the government.

    They manipulatively demand government handouts (rather than treat its a perk they treat is as a “human right”) and constantly complain about taxes. They burn both ends of the candle.

    To be fair, that slime ball Mitsotakis that lead ND use to pander to leftist unions and media. He had the chance to make cuts and instead of making them he hide the debt. Samaras seems different though. He seems principled (at least thus far). He goes head to head with the unionists. Isn’t afraid to make cuts. He isn

    even isn’t afriad to piss off the leftist media. (which is why Greek Reporters leftists staff hate him).

    His only limitation is he’s in a coalition government with leftists in it so he has to pander to what’s left of Pasok to keep power (which is exactly the reason why he backed down on the mass roundup of illegals).

    GD are hopelessly out of touch with reality (Greece would be bombed if fascist took power) The communists are hopelessly out of touch with reality too (they think all their foreign leftist comrades love them… meanwhile the are trying to subtlely delete us by using FYROM as a proxy) Even the alleged moderate leftists have no clue whats going on. They support mass illegal immigration into our country. The end result of that is Greece will first turn into a multicultural mess, then comes the sectarian violence when leftist fools finally figure out their illegal third world comrades want to turn Greece into an Islamic theocracy. (which will happens as soon as they get their numbers up)

    I really wish Samaras had a majority. He’s the only realistic shot we have at fixing Greece. Without him, Greece 2.0 is finished. We’ll have to regroup into Hellenic organizations like during Ottoman times and prepare for Greece 3.0.

  34. The only problem with George Papandreou was that he didn’t go far enough to implement the needed reforms, his approach to austerity was too soft. To his credit it’s true that as PM it was the first time ever that the size of government in Greece has shrunk and free-market reforms are finally on the agenda, but it’s taking a long time to fully-adopt them. Unfortunately for him his party and especially the irrationality of the population prevented a smooth transition.

  35. Pasok is the major corrupt political party in Greece…Thee Papandreou gang looted the country’s wealth and now they together with their parasites are enjoying what’s been looted leaving us with nothing…Thee Papandreou must held accountable for the downfall and bankruptcy of this country…


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