Taxes on Greek Property 7 Times Higher than 2009

real_estateThe number of Greek homeowners who will have to pay property taxes is reaching the 5.5 million mark. In 2014 property taxes are seven times higher than in 2009. Greek homeowners will have to pay 715 million euros in taxes while the equivalent amount in 2009 was 105 million euros.

In 2009 taxation of properties amounted to 536 million euros, in 2010 it fell, reaching 487 million. However, since 2011 property taxes haven’t stopped rising (1.172 million in 2010, 2.857 in 2012,  2.784 million in 2013,  3.937 million in 2014)

The revenues from property taxes are indicative of this increase. In 2009, the Greek state’s revenue from property taxes amounted to 536 million euros while it is estimated that this year’s revenues will reach  3.937 billion euros, an increase of 748%. During the last years the property taxes are continually rising as they are not based on actual values but on inflated values.

Homeowners in Greece, not being able to afford high taxes are often forced to grant their property rights to the state in order to escape the tax burden. Many brokers report that homeowners have asked tenants to pay taxes, bills and maintenance costs instead of paying rent.

The Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras reported that this rise of property taxes will not continue. He revealed that taxation of real estate is expected to fall up to 38%, by 2016. Greek homeowners will be slightly relieved from 2015 onwards as they won’t have to pay retrospective taxes such as the special property tax levied through the electricity bills and single tax property which makes no discrimination between revenue-generating property and property that generates no income, such as vacant office space.


  1. :property taxes are seven times higher than in 2009″

    It is this sort of sensationalist “journalism” that shows some of the staff on Greek Reporter are incompetent illiterate leftist propagandists,

    While taxes have increased considerably since 2009, they are still considerably less than place like Sweden, Denmark that the pseudo-Greek socialists and communists that write for Greek Reporter so wish to emulate.

    As usually our leftist whiners complain about having to pay taxes in one article… and in the next complain how the government should be giving them more handouts in the next.

  2. Sweden and these other countries have a higher level of income. In that respect, these taxes are designed to bring the Greek people to their knees and make them slaves …just like we are in the West. When the jobs die out in Australia, Canada etc then we too will end up losing our homes. All part of the plan to make us serfs.

  3. I do not believe the real net income is higher in Sweden. You are perhaps comparing official figures, but in Sweden the income is declared and taxed, in Greece only a fraction.

  4. You think Greeks earn the same as the Swedish? Where do you get your information? Perhaps you should go to those countries before commenting. Just a thought.

  5. I do not understand why Greek Reporter allows these sort of comments on its site. It undermines the work the site does by giving the impression that only idiots read it.

  6. I live in Sweden and I have been to Greece which seemed to me as a very affluent country. There is info available for those who wants it,

    “Incredibly, the average salary on
    Greece’s railways is £60,000, which includes cleaners and track workers –
    treble the earnings of the average private sector employee here.”

    Well, the average salary in the Swedish railway system is below £30,0000 gross, around £22,000 net. What is your comment on that?

  7. They forget to also mention Greeks never paid the small property taxes in place, it was mostly paid by foreign property owners.


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