War Between Greek Doctors and Health Ministry

    eopyy_ministry_390The reforms in the primary healthcare sector has caused an intense conflict between the Greek Heath Minister, Adonis Georgiadis and the doctors of EOPYY, Greece’s main public health care provider.

    Over the next few days, the Government Gazette  will publish the new law on Primary Health Care, according to which all EOPYY doctors will enter into a mobility-availability scheme within one month. Reacting to the changes that the government has scheduled, the Greek doctors have proceeded with further demonstrations and occupations of medical centers.

    The President of EOPYY, Dimitris Kontos has asked doctors to hand over the control of the medical centers and their equipment to the Greek state but they refuse to give up.

    Those who do not hand over public property will be held accountable for their actions, Health Minister Adonis Georgiadis on Monday, told Mega TV regarding the refusal of doctors with the National Organization for the Provision of Healthcare Services (EOPYY), to hand over the buildings housing EOPYY clinics (polyiatreia), which are to be transformed into urban type health centres.

    “If some think they would rebel and become heroes, they shouldn’t have such expectations. We will not do anything. We have recorded all medical machinery and material at the EOPYY clinics. Those who have not handed them over will be held accountable even for minor damages.” Georgiadis also said he was confident that 99 percent of the clinics will be handed over by the doctors.

    EOPYY doctors have organized demonstrations outside EOPYY units and the Executive Secretariat of the Panhellenic Federation of Scientific Healthcare Personnel (POSEYP) has asked the Greek citizens to support their fight.


    1. Greek Doctors do not care about our health…They care about how much money they will lose if the new system is materialized…Changes must tale place in order for the country to prosper…