Greek City Thessaloniki, European City of the Future 2014

thessalonikiThe annual competition organized by the Financial Times’ FDI magazine (Foreign Direct Investments), declared Thessaloniki, northern Greece, to be the best European city of the future for 2014 in terms of human resources and lifestyle.

About 470 locations including 46 medium-sized cities participated in the competition “European Cities of the Future 2014,” the results of which were announced on February 15.

The Greek city Thessaloniki became the “Best Mid-Sized city for human capital and lifestyle” ranking first among 46 other medium-sized towns. The criteria for this category included the labor of the city, the level of education, the number of universities, the students, the quality of life as well as the number of doctors in the city. The FDI magazine introduced the parameter of both the city’s and the wider region’s population to the competition.

This is an important distinction with international scope for the city of Thessaloniki. “This is further confirmation of the extroversion in which the municipalities and the city’s businesses invest. It is a confirmation of the level of the city’s universities and private schools,” noted the Deputy Mayor of Finance and Entrepreneurship of Thessaloniki, Chasdai Capon.

Criteria sorted into broader categories are taken into consideration at the FDI’s competition for European cities. Some of these categories are the dynamics of the city’s economy, the workplaces, the human resources, the municipality’s friendliness to the businesses as well as the strategic promotion of foreign direct investments.


  1. Title is misleading. Also, thequalification is undeserved, probably bribed by mayor Boutaris’ PR team.

  2. Dear Ausgreek, there is always plenty of taxpayer money when it comes to appearance costs. For infrastructure… not so much. Nevertheless, having reviewed the entire pdf of the “European Cities of the Future” qualifications and other laughable results, I’d probably conclude the FDI researchers were drunk.

  3. I for one am glad that Thessaloniki won the honour
    As far as your conspiracy theories go….I say …WHATEVER!

  4. It’s an honour indeed, one that is based on no actual merits whatsoever. I suggest alertness and not conspiracy theories. Hold a small basket, to paraphrase the greek proverb.

  5. How about you add some research & evidence to your alertness.
    Produce the evidence that this is a corrupt decision.
    Otherwise be happy for any Greek victory; I assure you more will come.
    For me ( & I have only been there once) Thessalonki is a wonderful city.

  6. My friend, you may think so exactly because you’ve only been there once. The city is deeply problematic, having squandered its unique geographical and cultural potential throughout decades of mismanagement and bad decision making. If and when I come across tangible evidence, I will be happy to share. In the meantime, I am unable to feel joy for a hollow suspicious victory that can only reinforce complacency instead of improvement through self-introspection and critical thinking. Of course that’s not to stop you or anyone else from celebrating. Have a nice day!

  7. No insult intended.
    But the misery gene can be strong in us Greeks sometimes.
    I suggest you take your victories with a smile & some joy as there are many defeats to commiserate.
    I live in Australia & I often feel like puking at the Anglo’s over here when they jump up & down & claim cultural superiority at every little insignificant but positive turn of events.
    But you know what?
    Greeks are the exact opposite…& can’t let themselves enjoy the moment.
    This is far worse.

  8. To the two Greek posters who were SO eager to take a dump on this well deserved title by Thessaloniki maybe you should try learning how to read first before attacking your own. Thessaloniki came first in the “Top 10 Mid-Sized city for human capital and lifestyle” category as clearly described in the article. There were many categories and Thessaloniki was naturally not even in the top 10 of other categories BUT it damn well deserved the position int he category it won.

    Thats all,

    kali sas mera


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