Greek Poll Profiles: The Golden Dawn Voter

Golden Dawn GreeceA new poll conducted on behalf of Greek TV channel MEGA by pollster company GPO tried to sketch up the profile of the regular Greek Golden Dawn voter.

The research revealed that the majority of the voters in favor of the Greek neo-Nazi party are mainly men with low incomes.

According to the poll, 63 percent of Golden Dawn voters have a low income, while 67 percent are men. 43 percent of the voters are between 25 and 39 years, followed by 24 percent being 40 to 50 years old and 15 percent aged 55 to 64 years.

It is noted that 38.8 percent of the people polled and casting their vote for Golden Dawn, identify themselves as belonging to the center-left political area, while 35 percent believe that they are centrists.

Upon answering the question about the main reason lying behind the high approval rates, which Golden Dawn receives all over Greece in spite of the party being labeled as a criminal organization, the majority of the polled sample (77.3 percent) attributed the increased percentages of the ultranationalist party to citizens being very unsatisfied with the ongoing financial crisis, which has led the country and its citizens into a deep recession.


  1. The financial crisis is part of it but that’s not the heart of it. I bet the poll question was skewed in some way to support that answer.

    The heart of why GD exist is because many Greeks have realized our ethnic existence is under threat. A combination of FYROM issue (where its foreign apologists in human rights groups and mass media trying to downplay their sudden transformation to hide their mistake of recognizing them), the financial mess (where Greek families are going hungry while we are excessively demonized by foreign populists), and mass illegal immigration into Greece (something no one agree to do)…. all contribute to this.

    GD are extreme (one doesn’t have to be a fascist to be a patriot) but they are actually right about this point. A massive number of foreigners are trying to ethnically delete us (primiarly to hide their shame for supporting skopians) Most of leftwing are completely oblivious to this reality. The clueless cowards call Greeks that say this “xenophobic” and “racist” (GD contributing to that stereotype) but the reality is we are currently being targeted for subtle form of ethnic cleansing (deleting Greeks by trying to delete our very identity as Greeks)

  2. The poll missed these vital GD statistics; 26% wear black to meetings, 21% shave their head for the Telly Savalas/Kojak look (except women), 84% wear black boots except when there is an informal occasion, 98% put their socks on before their boots, 3% confuse which arm is raised in salute causing 6% to have difficulty donning their coats in closed spaces and 100% correctly put their pants on one leg at a time. These ridiculous polls have no significant meaning and the data is easily challenged. The profile of people being polled is critical as is their sincerity responding to the pollster’s questions. Why not poll of the Olive Tree Alliance aka the 58 Movement and SYRIZA just for the sake of balanced reporting.

  3. I can’t wait for the May elections. Who knows many towns and cities will elect GD mayors. Watch the jewish media turn up the heat broadcasting propaganda at such insane levels, even the dumb Greeks like guest will realize something is off, heavily biased and organized globally.

  4. This poll obviously left out one important question for which the statistics would have been most revealing:

    Question: When the football team you support loses a match, you . . .

    A) feel let down but know there is always another game.
    B) feel angry with my team for not playing to their best ability.
    C) want to fire the coach and bring in only Greek players.
    D) throw chairs and bottles at the fans of the winning team.

  5. Someone with the name “anti-zion” insulting me is actually a compliment.

    You live in fantasies if you think GD is going to win a federal election. 90 percent of the Greek of population not only opposes you but strongly opposes you. Even among the ones that don’t, the majority don’t fully grasp GD’s leader is a Hitler lover. Like the geniues who vote for the communist they are just venting anger at our middle ground party by supporting a fringe fanatics.

  6. I get your point.
    My own hatred for FYROM trash is making me look to GD.
    If they open an office in Australia they may garner some support here.

  7. What’s with the thugs on Greek Reporter deleting posts again?

    I though you leftists claim to stand for free speech?

  8. You are under the mistaken belief that I don’t know some Jews resort to political propaganda. Your problem is that your obsessed with Jews rather than realize other groups do it too (Jews just tending to be more proficient at it than most)

    Take for instance the leftist propagandists on Greek Reporter. It’s writers rant and rant how they support what they claim as “human rights”. (aka. a synonym for their left wing ideology much like the communists twist “democracy” to mean a synonym for “communism”).

    However the leftists on Greek Reporter can’t even protect human rights on their own website. They constantly delete posts critical of Greek Reporter. (including mine because I keep slamming their incompetence and hypocrisy) This the far leftist version of “free speech”. You are free to speak, unless you criticize them too much. (somewhat like fascist and communist censors but with a longer fuse)

    Greece has two sets of extremists at the moment. Both far right and far left are oppressors. Deleted posts on Greek Reporter are evidence of the latter type.

  9. I’m surprised MEGA didn’t describe the Golden Dawn voter profile as a range of satanists, vampires, and werewolves!

  10. Hello, I am an Italian looking at Golden Dawn in Greece with respect and wishing we had a similar party. However, I have one question to ask – how is Golden Dawn doing at the moment and how is it expected to perform in the elections? In our media, we hear nothing, absolutely nothing. Apart from, of course, the usual propaganda.

  11. Golden Dawn is likely to double its support if not more, unless the judeo system can ban it somehow. But here is the thing, as time gets closer to the election day, the more guilty and politically motivated such move would be viewed by the general public, so the current government will end up losing more and more legitimacy.
    P.S. Your comment confirms what I’ve been claiming, there are hundred of thousands of European nationalists who are cheering for Golden Dawn and likely volunteer to its aid, if need arises.

  12. What about the 500 meter fountain of blood in front of Michaloliakos home, where every new Golden Dawn member is initiated and swears allegiance to Satan?


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