British Government Funds Greece’s Project for Voluntary Return of Migrants

DENDIASThe Greek Minister of Public order and Citizen Protection, Nikos Dendias, jointly with the British Ambassador, John Kittmer, announced the launch of a 2 million pound assistance program for the voluntary return and reintegration of undocumented migrants to their countries of origin.

The program will be implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in cooperation with the Greek Ministry of Public order and funded by the British government. The project aims to assist 1,500 illegal migrants to return voluntarily to their countries of origin, such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Bangladesh, Morocco, Egypt, India, Nigeria and Sudan.

The British Ambassador, John Kittmer, stated that funding for this program emphasizes the UK’s longstanding position that EU migratory pressures should be addressed through practical cooperation to build capacity in the Member States’ national asylum and migration systems. In his opening speech, Mr. Kittmer said: “The British Government is pleased to be supporting the IOM by funding this project. Our assessment is that the UK remains a primary final destination country for many of the irregular migrants in Greece and British funding for this program is ultimately about reducing illegal migration to the UK. This is why we are co-operating with the Greek Government as it faces the continuing challenge of illegal migration.”

On behalf of Greece, the Minister Nikos Dendias said: “By funding another project in Greece, to provide return assistance to 1,500 third country nationals and reintegration assistance to 75 returning migrants; this time for 24 months and 2 million pounds, the UK Home Office and the Foreign & Common Wealth Office have demonstrated once again the UK Government’s ongoing commitment to support the Government of Greece’s efforts to manage migration more effectively and at the same time to provide migrants with safe and dignified alternatives to return home.


  1. This a step in the right direction. Unlike the treasonous leftists on Greek Reporter that wildly support mass illegal immigration into our country… the british (rightfully) oppose it into theirs. As do Germans, Jews, Japanese, Chinese, and every other country in the world.

    Voluntary repatriation if great, but the majority disrespected our borders and won’t play nice so we need to have a process to forcable deport the rest. We should also prosecute and fine anyone caught hiring an illegal. If its a business, their business name should be put on a government website so consumers can made aware of whom support human trafficking into greece.

    What we shouldn’t do is physically attack illegals like GD. Just make the life of illegal difficult enough that they don’t want to stay. For instance facilities to hold illegals shouldn’t be cruel but should be spartan like a prison since they violated our laws by disrespecting our soverignty.

    The only illegals we should consider giving temporary residence to are those that agree residence is temporary and come from a war torn region (i.e. ones who’s lives are in real jeopardy like the Syrians) . Economic migrants that come vis-a-vis Turkey to Greece, should be all expelled for both violating our laws and manipulating international refugee human rights agreements.

    Now if all the other EU countries that have been treating Greece as an illegal dumping ground under Dublin 2 did their part, we put a serious dent in it. We should accept no self-righteous lip service from foreign funded “human rights’ NGOs that are funded by countries that don’t take in their fair share of illegals or deport illegals back to Greece. They are no position to lecture us. Greece should unilaterally withdraw from Dublin 2 (which is effectively a demand that because of geographic circumstance Greece should be a dumping ground for illegals)

    Most of these illegals are not coming to live in Greece. They are coming through Greece to get to other states but are being blocked from other EU states. So those states ether need to accept they have shared responsibility for both accepting illegals (and deporting them) or they need to shut up.

  2. And how should we respond when they openly attack Greeks? Wave the law at them? The law in Greece is not strict enough and we will end up like the rest of the West in terms of its laws: a laughing stock. If they attack a Greek, we attack them tenfold. If they murder a Greek, we murder them tenfold. An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth. Watch how quick they will tremble at the thought of Hellenic soil if we were even this bit firm.

  3. I do not object to all immigrants. One’s that apply politely (in their home country) that are Hellenic friendly (i.e. don’t call Skopains “Macedonians”), that are educated and contribute to our country, should be welcomed. (in moderation). Such people I appreciate and respect far more than any lazy uneducated Greek leftist that shamelessly demands handouts. We should pick the best candidates to help our country, not foreign criminals.

    What we should strongly oppose is ILLEGAL immigration. This is the riff raff that consciously disrespect our country by violating our borders. They disrespect our laws by working illegally in the country. They disrespect us by engaging in all sorts of crime. The foreign funded pseudo-human rights groups like Am-Nasty internation treat these lawless disrespectful thugs like “victims”.

    The only illegals we should allow, are ones coming from war zones (like Syria). Those people are legitimate refugees. The vast majority aren’t though. They are economic migrants that manipulate human rights groups to stay.

    Were it up to me, I would call out the military and in a few weeks they would all be gone. If/when Am-Nasty International and HRW complained, I would expel them from Greece for supporting mass illegal immigration into our country and place ads in major foreign media condemning their years of pretentious bigotry towards Greeks (they now pretend not to notice FYROM’s irredentism and sudden identity change to hide their embarrassment for recognizing them rather than apologize to us)

  4. These illegals especially the uneducated ones should be sent to live in the United States especially liberal Massachusetts .I prefer the Australian model which involves relocating them to far away countries ( that are dirt poor ) where any that are found to be truly “persecuted” are allowed to stay . 90% of the illegals are economic and the Turkish government considers them vital as a way of destabilizing Greece( according to the Greek government) .Maybe Greece can start flying them to the Congo where the UNHR can take over ?

  5. Voluntarily repatriating 1500 “migrants” back to their country should be interesting. After seeing what Europe offers someone that comes from absolute poverty and expect them to want to return home is wishful thinking. These free tickets serves only those that have sponged benefits made connections and want to go home temporarily to gather up friends, family and jihadists before returning to Europe with “dignity”.

  6. The only political party that has promised to deploy the Hellenic military to assist Hellenic police in a massive roundup and subsequent deportation of illegal immigrants is Golden Dawn. That’s just a fact. New Democracy will never orchestrate a mass deportation of illegal immigrants. Operation Xenios Zeus yielded insignificant results. If you want Greece to be rapidly cleansed of 3rd World foreigners then support Golden Dawn.

  7. Personally I agree with you ND are too soft on illegals. The problem is I have no one else to support on the matter. I’m certainly not going to support an undemocratic Nazi lover on the basis of single issue I agree with them on.

  8. The US should be taking them in. Many of the refugees (especially the Muslim ones) are refugees precisely because of US foreign policy and wars. They should go to the US and work to turn it into an Islamic Republic of Americastan and make the official language of the US Urdu. Some of the modern American’s at the NY Time editorial board like to lecture us that the name of states are a trivial matter. So they shouldn’t mind.

    Why should they care if America is flooded with illegals that want to change the essence of their nation. And if not Islamic theocracy, why not let in 500 million ethnic Chinese in to China that want to renamed the country “Western China”?

    United States is just a name after all and most modern American’s have absolute nothing to do with native Americans (who were ethnically cleansed to build the US but this is carefully hidden in their history books) The “American people’ are not a people. They are political ideology of different people’s somewhat similar to Ottoman “Turkish” assimilation tactics. They are no more or less “American” than anyone else in the world.

  9. Guest,

    I’m a highly educated American now living in Greece. You certainly don’t correctly know anything about America. Especially about it’s history. If you want to believe what you read in the media, you are extremely gullible, and not very intelligent.

    The western media claims Greeks are lazy. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Our wars with the Muslims started because these radicals murdered 3,000 innocent civilians. Personally, I believe the Muslims should be eradicated off the face of the earth. All you have to do is read the Quran to understand.

    Americans fight for what they believe in. Americans would have removed a government like Greece has decades ago. America has also supported Greece financially. Many Greeks live in America, love the American people, and have always been welcome in America. Consider that, next time you want to tear down Americans.

    By the way, in case you might not be aware. America is still the most powerful, wealthiest, most generous nation in the world. IT is also the powerful economically, and has the strongest military of any nation in the world.

  10. Actually the united states actually gives very little on a GDP per capita basis. Swedish citizens give 5 times as much on a per capita basis. And when it “gives” its often just to push strategic interests rather than to help people.

    The united states also doesn’t support Greece anymore. It used to support Greece (when we fought communists and fascist).

    When Turkey decided to militarily invade Cyrpus… the united states green lit the invasion (no coaltion of the willing to free it). When Skopians turned into “ancient Macedonians” and manipulate the name Macedonia to encourage irredentism against Greek…right before their eyes of American media, Ngos, and politicians…. the United states once again does nothing.

    The United States used to be Greek friendly. Today unprincipled US senators like John McCain lobby for the Skopians threatening our country. George Bush recognized Skopians “concidentally” after they sent troops to Iraq for non-existent WMDs. Even the allegedly “human rights’ oriented NY Times editorial board desperately tries to downplay FYROM”s sudden identity change and irredentism.

    I have to wonder what US President Truman and Eisenhower. staunch supports of Greeks on this Macedonia issue, would have thought of the unprincipled Americans that call Skopians “Macedonians” today. (who are now effectively engaged in a subtle form of ethnic cleansing of Greeks to hide their shame)


    “This (US) government considers talk of Macedonian “nation”, Macedonian “Fatherland”, or Macedonia “national consciousness” to be unjustified demagoguery representing no ethnic nor political reality, and sees in its present revival a possible cloak for aggressive intentions against Greece” – US State Department Dec, 1944 (Foreign Relations Vol. VIII
    Washington D.C. Circular Airgram – 868.014/26)

  11. United States is just a name after all and most modern American’s have absolute nothing to do with native Americans (who were ethnically cleansed to build the US but this is carefully hidden in their history books) The “American people’ are not a people. They are political ideology of different people’s somewhat similar to Ottoman “Turkish” assimilation tactics.

    The Indians never considered themselves Americans until it became politically expedient for them to do so in the 20th century. That point aside, you’re absolutely right that the American people are not a people (in any folkish sense). Americans are a multi-cultural, multi-racial, rootless mob. “American” means as much, or perhaps less, than Soviet meant. It says nothing about a person’s race, culture, ethnicity, nationality, religion, native tongue, or any other traditional signifier of a people. It simply means that someone was either born in the USA or has received a piece of paper that has turned him into an American. If there is any common link between Americans it is simply in ideals (liberal democracy, equality, modernism, and so on). Though I disagree with nearly everything George Bush ever said, he was right when he said: “America has never been united by blood or birth or soil. We are bound by ideals that move us beyond our backgrounds . . ..”

  12. I’m a highly educated American now living in Greece.

    When I hear this, I automatically discount the validity of your future comments.

    Our wars with the Muslims started because these radicals murdered 3,000 innocent civilians.

    Not so highly educated, after all?

    Firstly, the US is not at war with Muslims, as Muslims. If it was, then the US would not be importing Muslims to be resettled in formerly homogenous areas such as central Tennessee.

    Secondly, the US neo-conservatives planned war with Iraq, etc., before 11 September. The attacks that day were a much-needed excuse for the wars that they wanted.

    IT is also the powerful economically, and has the strongest military of any nation in the world.

    Those are relatively recent developments and will be short lived. America has been the strongest military only since WWII and the strongest economy only since about 1900. America’s number one spot internationally will actually be quite short compared to other historical empires. America was already showing significant signs of decline by the late 1960s, a mere 180 years after its founding.


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