Gold Mine Protesters Injured after Confrontation with Greek Police


A confrontation that took place between locals and Greek police on Thursday, February 19, in Skouries, northern Greece, resulted in injuries. The locals were protesting against the gold mining.

Everything started when a group of women participating in the protests, formed a human chain in order to stop buses that were carrying workers from exiting the construction site.

The Greek riot police used an extensive amount of tear-gas on the protesters, unleashing a furious and violent attack against them. As a result, three of the protestors were injured and taken immediately to the local health center.

In particular, one of the protesters faces heart disease problems and was in need of immediate care. Ambulance arrived late on scene and a police car transported the man to hospital. His health condition due to the tear-gas, has been reported as critical.

Police arrested many of the protestors during their confrontation with the locals.


  1. Leftist crazies putting local wildlife ahead of the lives of humans yet again.

    Greek Reporter;s writers would have made fine Soviet propagandists. Love how they constantly try to insinuate leftist “protesters” are always victims and our police, whose duty is to uphold the law, are the bad guys. (an inversion of justice)

    Holding signs up and peaceful rallies to bring attention to one’s cause. Don’t like a gold mine. No problem. Use your democratic right to peacefully protest. Elect someone else if you don’t like current administration.

    Engaging in undemocratic violence to further ones ends. Throwing rocks at police, destroying someone else’s property, disrupting other people’s business, bombings, riots, killings, etc…. This is not “protest”. This is terrorism. In countries that have fair elections, average citizens that resort to violence to further their policial ends are terrorists.

  2. At the risk of sounding insensitive the woman with the red shirt is either dead or faking injury. If she was exposed to “extensive amounts” of tear gas her eyes would be shut and tearing heavily so as to run down her cheek and her nose would be releasing copious amounts of fluid. These symptoms are not evident in the photo. The white pigment is a nice touch suggesting crossing the river Styx hopefully with two freshly mined and minted Eldorado-Hellenic gold coins to pay for the passage.

  3. I bet you there was an unusally distribution of red among the “peaceful protesters”. Those sympathetic to the color red seem to have a habit of getting into altercations with police. There is also another group that likes the color black that seems to have the same problem.

    Fascinating how other citizens that aren’t obsessed with those two colors don’t seem to have the same problems.


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