Greek Red Cross Faces Eradication

Greek Red Cross

The danger of Greece being expelled from the International Red Cross constitutes a huge issue with international impact. According to sources, Piraeus Bank that had agreed to assist in the rescue of the Greek Red Cross and the Henry Dunant Hospital from shutting down, is now abandoning the project.

The International Red Cross believes that the debts created by the Greek Red Cross, the entanglement of former board members to scandals, the recriminations between them, the unpaid employees as well as the huge debts of Henry Dunant’s Hospital, are not consistent with the international image of the Red Cross organization. Thus, the International Red Cross has started a process for the Greek Red Cross’ elimination, namely the removal of its badge.

“Unfortunately, despite that the District Court’s provisional decision had given the government the ability to solve large and significant problems within the Greek Red Cross and the Henry Dunant Hospital, where the Greek government had appointed a temporary board and had managed to stop the process of the Greek Cross’ elimination from the International Organization, all the government’s effort went to waste,” stated the Greek Minister of Health Adonis Georgiadis.

“The District Court decided that the Greek government has no legitimate interest in the Greek Red Cross and therefore cancelled the act of the appointment of the board proposed by the government and re-appointed previous members of the Greek Red Cross. The Court has of course every right to do so,” continued Mr. Georgiadis.

The Greek Minister of Health has washed his and the government’s hands clean of any damage that may be caused to either the Greek Red Cross or the Henry Dunant Hospital.


  1. Red Cross International is actually one of the decent NGOs. Their usually politically neutral unlikely political fronts like Am-Nasty International. Am-Nasty International are essentially leftists that just manipulatively frame their leftist oriented agenda as “human rights” (to shut down debate since if you criticize them you are framed as opposing “human rights’)

    Red Cross on the other hand is a true humanitarian movement. They just try to help suffering people wherever they go. The don’t usually takes sides in conflicts. They’ll treat wounded soldiers and civilians on both sides of a conflict equally (probably because they were created in Switzerland which is a country with long history of neutrality). Their main focus is easing pain of people in distress. Admirable.

  2. Dear Red Cross. I have been a blood donor for 40 years next month. PLEASE do not abandon the Hellenic Republic. They NEED your help far more than you seem to realise


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