Non EU Citizens Able to Rent Out Properties in Greece

Real_Estate_GreeceAccording to the Greek Development Ministry a new plan is under development after mostly Chinese investors expressed their interest in Greek properties. This new plan will allow non EU nationals who own property in Greece to be able to rent it out while also acquiring a five-year permit of residence in Greece.

The foreign investors who rent properties in Greece will be taxed according to the Greek tax system. However, they will not receive a Greek passport along with the five-year residence permits as it was originally demanded.

Greek law will allow any property that is valued at 250,000 euros or more to be rented out by non EU citizens. It also extends to anyone who has signed a lease for at least a decade with Greek hotels or other tourist accommodations of the same value. The permit of residence will be renewable and it will cover the foreign investor, as well as his family members. Certain Chinese, Canadian, Russian and US nationals have already received their permits.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Development is also negotiating with the United Arab Emirates to share private companies in the fields of tourism, energy and construction. At least one deal is underway and it will be announced later in the year in the intergovernmental meeting between Greek Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras, Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, Evangelos Venizelos and UAE officials.


  1. A lawyers feeding frenzy will ensue as the door to residency is opened wider. With time and pressure the barriers to obtaining a passport by non-EU citizens will be lowered as the envelopes get fatter. If there is a good Chinese restaurant in your neighborhood it will be busy.

  2. At least they injected money into our country to earn a place in it. They went through legal channels not disrespectfully sneak in like burglars in the night then rant “persecution” when locals are hostile towards them. This is nothing like illegals.

    Restaurants that caters to illegals will be far more numerous. I’m sure leftist foriegn funded NGOs like Am-nasty International and the leftists of Greek Reporter, that both support mass illegal immigration into our country, will be great customers.

    According to most our leftist imbeciles its “racist” if you are hostile towards illegal immigration or don’t support illegals working in Greece. By comparison, in modern Britain, where Am-nasty International was founded, which has far less illegals per capita than Greece… they currently deport illegals and prosecute employers that hire them. For years the modern British deporting illegals back to Greece under the ridiuclous terms of Dublin 2 then they send pseudo-human rights groups to complain about us when we want to deport them.

    Our treasonous leftist imbeciles have no clue whats going on. They hear the words ‘human rights’ and throw their brains out the window.