730,000 Uninsured Vehicles in Greece


According to the Greek Union of Insurance Companies, 730,000 vehicles in Greece are in circulation without insurance.

A committee, including representatives of the Public Order, Transport, Finance Ministries and the Greek Union of Insurance Companies, after examining the databases of the Greek insurance companies and the Transport Ministry, announced that the number of uninsured vehicles in Greece amounts to 730,000.

The head of the Greek Union of Insurance Companies stated that drivers should not consider their car insurance as an unnecessary expense as it is important for their protection. He noted that there is a fierce competition between insurance companies and therefore insurance premiums have been significantly reduced. Last year, insurance premiums fell by 15% while in 2014 it is expected that they will decrease by 8%.

Traffic police fines are heavy, but it is still impossible to crack down the phenomenon. The owner of an uninsured car would pay 500 euros, while the license plates, driving license and vehicle registration are removed by the police. The fine for an uninsured motorcycle is 250 euros and 1,000 for buses and trucks.


  1. Are we surprised? Insurance was one of the first places people began to cut back on expenses–because it doesn’t show. I dare Greek Reporter to now go out and investigate the number of parents who have their little darlings in Greek private schools but stopped paying the tuition (it also is a great way to save expenses with no one knowing). Why? because the Greek law prohibits students being taken out of a their school program once they are enrolled–even if the tuition payments stop or are severely reduced by the parents. That law states children can not be unduly affected by the fact thierr parents can no longer pay.. Many parents of students in the best private programs in Greece right now are taking advantage of that law. Just guess what the percentage of deadbeat parents are now at the top private schools. . . Greek Reporter can find this number and astound us all. But will they? Stay tuned. . .

  2. You are right. And this is precisely why those that go on and on about the current government being our problem are populists that have missed root causes.

    The reality is a fair chunk of Greeks (not all) treat government like their mother’s purses. If they don’t get government handouts they go out on the streets and have tantrums like spoiled little brats.

    Our politicians are not to blame for the fact nearly 40% of our population are thieves that evade paying their share of taxes in some form or another. Our government is not to blame because of all scam artists abusing subsides, or started fake ngos, or collecting pension checks for dead people, or the zillion other scams going on.

    To fix Greece, requires we fix root causes. Some of those causes are ideological. Too many Greeks think the government’s only purpose is to give them handouts. Not everyone on the left is an extremism but when communists… communists… are the most popular party in Greece… it shows just how extremely left some Greeks are. They think only about how they can take from their country rather than what they can voluntarily give to it.

    To fix Greece requires work. A focus on technology and productivity rather than dependence on the state. If everyone is dependent on the state, who is left to give?

  3. Today is comedy day for Greek Reporter.

    In an effort to oppress my free speech, the leftists censors that run Greek Reporter just added another layer to posting process (you now have to sign up and provide an email address)

    That’s actually great. About time. Now all the Skopian trolls that come here constantly changing handles are going to have a much harder time of it. Too bad the leftist buffoon only decided to do this to stop the free speech of a patriotic Greek.

    In short, this is the mentality of Greek leftist fools. Fight racism by Greeks. Stay absolutely blind to massive racism directed AT Greeks. (including bigotry by alleged human rights groups)

    These pseudo-Greeks leftists can’t condemn those that try to downplay the Skopians transformation and irredentism because they are unprincipled cowards. They are afraid to stand up for Greece because so many people betrayed us (all those that offensively decided to call Skopians “Macedonians” and now play pretend they don’t notice the Skopians to dishonorably hide their mistake). Our leftist just repeat what they read in the NY Times or Am-Nasty International like uncritical parrots to try and fit in like good little collectivists.

    With so many cowardly slow witted “Greeks” like this, are we surprised that so many can’t see our obvious links to ancient Greeks? Our leftists are an embarrassment to the name Greek. Posers like the Skopians. Greeks only in name not in the realm of ideas.

  4. I’m not sure quite what the other comments on here have to do with car/vehicle insurance !!!
    Some folk seem to use these forums to comment on whatever ‘floats-their-boat’ rather than keep to the topic…
    Having stated this, I’ll return to the topic – lack of vehicle insurance.
    In the UK for many years now a person/company wishing to tax their vehicle/s has to produce a valid insurance with their application. It has now digitised this process for applying on-line. All the insurers have to notify and update the DVLA [Driver & vehicle Licensing Authority] database with every vehicle they have issued an insurance policy for.
    There is NO way ANYONE can tax a vehicle now without insurance. Why doesn’t the Greek authorities come into the 21st century and get a grip on all these illegal and corrupt drivers and companies and introduce a similar system.
    Also, this same DVLA database also records all vehicles which have taken and passed the vehicle MOT [bi-annual vehicle roadworthy test].
    I would add, that as far as I’m aware, there is no way to get your vehicle listed as having passed it’s MOT and a paid-for insurance cover, as the system is NOT corrupted by officials taking bribes to allow this to happen…
    To the other contributors in this post, please note that I’ve NOT commented on any political leanings, just written about a common-sense approach to solve this problem.
    If you can’t afford to insure your vehicle, you should NOT be driving it on our Greek roads, no matter what your excuse.


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