Three Out of Four Greeks are Without Jobs for 2.5 Years

unemployment_GreeceThe data on the effects of the Greek unemployment, conducted by research company Metron Analysis, show that 3 out of 4 people have been unemployed for about 2.5 years and the majority of them are high-level manpower.

According to the survey, unemployment seems to mainly affect the wage workers and the self-employed while the majority prefer to seek employement in Greece.

In particular, 72 percent of the unemployed stated that they would accept a job position even if that was lower than their expectations or qualifications. An even higher percentage of the unemployed (32 percent) believes that they would be better off if the Greek state exited the Eurozone.

Today’s youth, when answering the question about whether they consider their lives better or worse than that of their parents, 44 percent of those polled stated that their lives seem worse, 36 percent stated that it seems better and 18 percent consider their lives to be identical to those of their parents. People between the ages of 24 to 34 appear to be the most pessimistic while people over the age of 65 seem to be the most optimistic.

Regarding the psychological effects of unemployment, nine out of ten people feel insecurity and fear, six out of ten have feelings of aggression, four out of ten find that it has caused problems in their interpersonal relationships and only two out of ten stated that this situation makes them more determined to fight.

About 74 percent of the unemployed claim that they are supported by their families, 18 percent that they depend on the dole, while 7 percent depend on charitable programs (soup kitchens etc.)


  1. Instead of opting to receive unemployment benefits and drink frappes all day long, Greeks should take on the 1.5 million non -Greek immigrants work .Problem Solved!

  2. The number of legal immigrants (i.e. ones that didn’t sneak in) are probably a 100-200K. They are mostly from other EU states. Virtually all the so-called “immigrants’ that aren’t from EU states entered Greece illegally.

    Some of our cowardly politicians gave some of them citizenship due to pressure from foreign governments (some of whom were simultaneously deporting illegals back to Greece under Dublin 2 despite having far less illegals per capita than Greece). The result of that dumb move to reward human trafficking was even more started to flood our country. (why not, since incompetent pseudo-human rights groups and politicians roll out the red carpet for human trafficking)

    We have to put our foot down or in a few decades there will be no Greece. Not only make life for the illegals in Greece so uncomfortable that they want to leave, but so that any illegals thinking of violating our borders chose another target country to sneak into Europe.

    If someone wants to move to Greece, first ask. Anyone that sneaks across our borders should be treated as a criminal because that’s what they are by breaking our laws by violating our borders. The only exception be refugees whose life is in danger. They should receive *temporary* residence in compassion. However even then there are caveats. If a refugee uses to manipulate a foreign ngo into trash talking our country as a way to stay, they should be forcibly expelled.

    Our security services should be monitoring foreign funded ngos working in Greece. Not only to expel illegals that manipulate ngos but to blacklist any antihellenic “human rights” activists from stepping foot in Greece ever again. (in particular ones that also collude with Skopians)

  3. “Three Out of Four (unemployed) Greeks are Without Jobs for 2.5 Years”


    a. Rant and riot like lunatics in the streets? (and internet websites apparently)

    b. Vote for communists or fascists and hope for the best?

    c. Sit on one’s behind waiting for the government checks to roll in.

    d. Show initiative by upgrading skills and being hard working entrepreneurs?

  4. Are you a moron??
    Are you suggesting that more than a quarter of the work force does not want to work??
    Nor are jobs being created by the government.
    Nor is the government doing enough to encourage/ foster self employment or entrepreneurship…no Greek government ever has.

  5. once again you go with insults rather than an intelligent conversation.
    hey I am in Brisbane Australia meet you at the “Briki” coffee shop, So I can see the little boy that hasn’t graduated from school.

  6. Ai gamisou vromo mouna!!
    I am in Canberra…meet you any where in town.
    At a nice Greek owned coffee shop perhaps……they’re not stinky grease pits like the Greek American diners.
    Greeks own a quiet a few businesses here…as well as being some of this towns biggest developers & builders; we have quiet a number of professionals too.
    But be careful if you do come here.
    We are renown for our passion & our love of Hellenism around these parts.
    Yasou Vroma!!

  7. what language “gamisu”!!! I only heard such language from peasants in Ioannina. You dear boy are embarrassing yourself and your fellow Greeks. Don’t you think that the people that read this sight feel you are an embarrassment?? This is where people want an intelligent debate and not peasant obscene words.