Giorgos Spanos in Jail for Fuel Smuggling

    Giorgos SpanosAlthough the president of the bunkering Greece ‘s company ETEKA, Giorgos Spanos, in his three-hour testimony before the Piraeus investigator denied all charges of illegal fuel smuggling, his allegations did not convince the two magistrates and thus he has been in detention since Saturday late at night.

    Along with Giorgos Spanos, another three of the defendants are in detention awaiting trial. However, the female co-owner of the gas station was freed on a bail of 20,000 euros while the court imposed restrictive conditions on her according to which she is forbidden to leave the country and she must present herself to a police station regularly.

    The advocate of ETEKA noted that up until now, the course of the interrogation proved that there is neither black money nor a criminal organization.

    Soon after the decision was read, incidents broke out by relatives of the defendants and ETEKA employees prompting the intervention of riot police.


    1. Shorting delivery of marine fuels is a time honoured tradition in the industry. A game between the delivery barge operators and the shipping company’s representatives.

    2. Informative Poly, I learn something new about this country/life every day!