Bus Driver Convicted for Refusing 2 Immigrants to Board on Bus

    bus driverThe bus driver who did not allow two Africans to board his vehicle last April, was found guilty by a court in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece on Monday February 24, 2014.

    He was convicted of racism and fined with 1,000 euros for his behavior.

    The complaint was filed by a passenger who witnessed the incident. The passenger claimed that the driver did not allow the two African nationals to board on the bus. The witness also underlined that the driver boasted that he is a supporter of the Greek neo-Nazi party, Golden Dawn.

    The bus driver, who has not been suspended from duty, claimed to the jury, that the two African men attacked him when he asked them if they would buy tickets. He added that he never mixes politics with his job.

    Finally, the court convicted him to a 10-month prison sentence and a three year suspension.


    1. How did the bus driver know the two were African? If they were from Northern Africa they could pass as anyone of a number of continents. This is a classic example where the media is hesitant to report colour of their skin as black was the identifying feature. The second question how do they know they were immigrants and not born in Continental Europe where there are large populations of blacks as in France and Britain. Lastly where does politics fit in with driving a bus. There are rules with some lines where drivers have the right to refuse services if they feel threatened. Nevertheless it sounds like much-a-do about nothing and the bus driver will have time to think about his actions.

    2. The bus driver should have been praised for not allowing illegals to board the bus. Once again the treasonous leftists of Greek Reporter fail to say the word *ILLEGAL* migrant. Instead they parrot what their foreign masters at foreign funded NGOs and media day.

      Shame on leftists for supporting mass illegal immigration into our homeland. Disgusting.

    3. How would the bus driver know whether someone is here legally or not? How do you know if they were here legally or not. The bus drivers job is to drive the bus safely and properly. It is a ticket inspectors job to check passengers have a ticket. It is the job of the police to check the status of immigrants.

    4. We boarded A2 bus at their terminal in Voula wishing to go to Plaka. My husband tried several times to have the ticket punched but to no avail. The bus driver found it funny to shut the machine when the American tried to validate his ticket. After I told him your machine sure hates Americans he immediately turned it on and left it on. If I had a camera I surely would have reported him to the authorities.

    5. The bus driver should also loose his job.I am fed up with with these thugs who disgrace Greece abroad.

    6. I agree he should lose his job for his outrageous and blatant racism. Thankfully, ordinary Greek citizens reported this man as most people could see his behaviour was totally unacceptable.

    7. In practice virtually all the Africans in our country entered illegally. You are right that it is our government’s job to check for illegals. The problem is that they have failed miserably at this. This has openned the door for private citizens to do the job that the government is supposed to be doing.

    8. They should have rewarded the bus driver for standing up to illegals not put him in prison.

    9. Most countries are not multiethnic like the US (whose citizenship is based purely on a passport not ethnicity). Profiling due to color in a country whose ethnic makeup is nearly entirely white is not unreasonable. It’s not that we should support racism against non-Greeks but when most black “immigrants” entered the country illegally, not being suspicious of someone black is irrational. People that are black (or any non ethnic Greek demographic) that entered the country legally (e.g. tourists, people that applied abroad. etc..) need to understand we are combating a huge illegal immigration problem that on rare occasion is going to unfairly target someone that entered the country legally. If this illegal invasion continues there will be no Greece in a few decades.

    10. Any non-Greek citizen that is legally in Greece, that supports illegal immigration into our country in any shape or form.. .are engaged in treason… and thus should be discouraged from living in Greece and even have their citizenship revoked as a security threat.

    11. But is it the duty of the bus driver to determine who is and isn’t illegal based upon their colour? The two “Africans” have been embassy staff, tourists or legal residents. Were they African because they were black or olive-tan like many Greeks and North Africans. My question is why the media’s hesitancy to declare the alleged victims Black instead of African.

    12. If the government isn’t doing its job deporting illegals, it becomes the job of every patriotic Greek to defend our country.

      It wasn’t just because he was black. The treasonous leftist dominated court system just wanted to make an example of him.

    13. No, it is the job of Greek citizens to demand that the government, elected by them, does its job. It is not for citizens to take the law into their own hands.

    14. If the government failed to provide you clean water would you wait? If the government failed to protect your family from a murderer would you wait? When government’s fail to do their job in some respect the people do it for them. That’s the way it works.

      Is it ideal? No but until the government does its job of protecting our sovereign borders citizens should be hostile towards illegal migrants (not in the of form of violence but in the terms of passive resistance). Legal immigrants should be most hostile of all towards illegals because if they support illegal immigration it only make them targets right along with illegals themselves. On the other hand if they fight illegals, they appear patriotic to their new country.


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