Greek Gold Medalist in National Mathematical Olympiad

mathsDimitris Aletras, a third grade student of the 10th Lyceum of Larissa, Central Greece, won the gold medal in the 31st National Mathematical Olympiad “Archimedes,” which was held on Saturday, February 22 in Athens.

According to the local press, this was the third time the Greek student took place in the Mathematical Olympiad in Athens, having won a bronze and a silver medal. Within the next month the Greek student will have to face more challenges as he will compete in the Balkan Mathematical Olympiad, early in May in Bulgaria and in the International Mathematical Olympiad in July, in Cape Town, South Africa. Dimitris Aletras is the first student from Larissa who has been awarded in the National Mathematical Olympiad.

About 370 high school students from all over Greece took part in this year’s National Mathematical Olympiad. The students were selected after two national competitions,”Thales” in October 19, 2013, and “Euclid” in January 18, 2014. These mathematical competitions have been firmly established. The large participation of Greek students proves their interest in the science of mathematics and that Greece has a bright future in science.

The Hellenic Mathematical Society, which was founded in 1918, is responsible for organizing the Mathematical Olympiad in Greece. Its primary goal is the promotion of the study of mathematics and scientific research in Greece.



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