Mykonos: Former Wealthy Greeks Sell Villas to Foreigners


The villas of Mykonos hit the market and shipowners as well as Greek and foreign businessmen are ready to invest millions of euros on the island of the winds, as people call it, and its luxurious residencies. However, these sales have nothing to do with the true picture of the Greek real estate market where all the transactions have been frozen.

To start with, Antonis Lymperis, the once powerful man of publishing, is selling his two villas of 500 and 800 m2 for about five million euros.

The former star of Greek TV, Roula Koromila, agreed to sell her villa with the panoramic view of Delos island and Ai-Yiannis beach for 2.5 million euros. The buyer seems to be a Greek banker in Panama, Antonis Takis.

Aliki Livaniou is also rumored to have received 2.5 million euros for her villa of 600 m2 with six bedrooms and a pool, to a Lebanese businessman who according to sources, visits the island every summer.

The interior designer Mina Karayiannis decided to put her villas on the market too. From time to time, these villas have hosted the Kardashian family, the Swedish footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic with his partner and other famous showbiz figures. The “Mykonos Retreat” complex includes three villas, a small chapel, a private beach and a heliport. The accommodation cost per week for each of these villas exceeds 10,000 euros, while their selling price starts at three million euros.

Greek realtors support that these transactions do not reflect the actual situation of the real estate market in Greece. However, it makes sense for those who have great financial liquidity – especially foreign entrepreneurs – since this is an excellent opportunity for investments.


  1. The government was supposed to sell the smaller islands including tidal rocks? If you look carefully at the photo you can see migrants (small dot) floating in on the tide just ahead of the smog bank.


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