New Health System to Go into Operation on March 20

Greek doctorsDispensaries of the newly introduced Primary National Health Network (PEDY) will start operating in Greece on March 20 with as many of doctors of the former health care system (5,500 in total) decide to work exclusively for the state, shutting down their private practice, while any staffing gaps will be covered by supplementary staff, the political leadership of the Greek Ministry of Health stressed.

Doctors have until this Thursday to apply for membership in the new health system. According to the ministry, 1,389 applications have been filed so far. Once the deadline ends “the system locks” and doctors who have not applied will have their contracts reviewed.

The minister Adonis Georgiadis made it clear that doctors who apply and do not shut down their own offices, will be excluded from the system, losing the right to have a contract with EOPYY. Their exclusion will create a huge problem in the new organization and to insured citizens as it is difficult to open new doctors’ positions in the the intermediate process.
”Anyone who files the application will be part of PEDY,” stressed the minister explaining however that “those who purposely cause trouble to the operation of PEDY have no place in the system”.
“Trade unionist games are not approved, they only cause damage to doctors,” concluded the minister.
(source: ana-mpa)


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