Greece, Champions of Unemployment


Eurostat’s data on unemployment in the EU show the nightmarish dimensions of Greek unemployment and revealed that unemployment in Greece went even more south in November 2013. The Greek unemployment rates for young people and females remain the highest in the European Union. In November, the total unemployment rate rose to 28 percent. This rate is the highest in the EU while in individual categories the unemployment rate for men was 24.9 percent, for women 32.2 percent and for young people under the age of 25, rose to 59 percent.

Indeed, the three countries which recorded the highest increase in unemployment within one year are Cyprus (from 14.4 to 16.8 percent), Greece (from 26.3 to 28 percent) and Croatia (from 17.4 to 18.8 percent).

Data concerning January 2014 revealed that in the eurozone, unemployment remained at 12 percent since October 2013, while EU unemployment also remained unchanged at 10.8 percent.

In January, the EU had 26.231 million unemployed, 19.175 of which were in the eurozone. In the same month, the number of unemployed under the age of 25 came up to 5.556 million people, 3.539 million of which came from the Eurozone countries.

The highest rates of youth unemployment were recorded in Greece (59 percent) and Spain (55.3 percent) while the lowest were recorded in Germany (7.7 percent) and Austria 9.7 percent).


  1. for the nth time, this is what happens when you implement austerity at the exact time you are not supposed to ie in a deflationary rising unemployment environment, when you give up control of your monetary policy, and most importantly when you bail out foreign banks and account holders using your own country/banks as the pass thru conduit vehicle. shame on the 153 who gave up our sovereignty to our forever enemy.

  2. It’s also what happens when you gut the country of any manufacturing industry. It’s also what happens when you make the bureaucracy to start even a simplest business so demonic that no one even goes there anymore. It’s also what happens when you create a State–the last Soviet style in Europe–where you can’t even find a pharmacy open on the weekend, passing 8 or 9 near your own neighborhood, due to union regulations.

    And most unfortunately it’s what happens when every parent can not envision their child working with his hands–they all must be bankers, lawyers, doctors, or university professors. Manual labor, now even construction and fields like pluming and house-painting are done by immigrants–usually illegally here. This society curses even the legal immigrants, yet who else will pick their lettuce or or clean their houses? The concept of “labor” must be seriously reviewed in this country, now that people are starting to get into the real world. Productivity and what we are really worth is finally coming home to roost.

  3. all that too

    i tried to blanket cover that under “monetary policy” as I believe that has a big role to play in what you mentioned.

    i figured the corruption was an obvious given at this point but judging from the current crop of politicians, i guess not

  4. Good post. And the heart of this lack of productivity can be found in the entitlement mentality (chiefly among our far left but not exclusively so). Despite our massive debt they are still shamelessly whining for government handouts. Still self-righteously complaining how banks, the rich, Germans, EU, and everyone else except themselves are to blame for their economic circumstances. Personal effort? Work? Using one’s intellect to innovate? Entrepreneurship? All mean nothing to these people.

  5. LC: That’s some astute observation, there pal, keep it up! Do you suppose we could get some Tshirts printed up with “Entitlement Mentality” on them and hand them out free to the clientele of those clubs I was referring to?

  6. Despite their mistakes the current crop of politicians are far better than the fascists and communist fanatics waiting in the wings.

  7. banned alert

    can’t use your leftist treason handle anymore? upset at your deleted comments?

    the gall of a 7th generation american who has never been to Greece to see the struggle of the every day Greek person and criticize them all while sitting in his pretty little mother’s basement is shocking.

    it is the parties you support, ND/PASOK, that 100% contributed to this situation with the dublin regulation, decision to enter the EU, and subsequent handing over of sovereignty to foreign countries and banks that contributed to this problem. while the skopian issue is certainly very important, this is not the first thing on the mind of the average Greek suffering from the fall out of Samaras’ et al decision to destroy the country to save their wealthy pals overseas and keep their euro denominated bank accounts in Greece and abroad in one piece. the real cleansing is happening via poverty, a major health crisis, a massive brain drain, and a porous border, since there are not enough resources to keep the illegals out and subsequently handle the deportation aspect of the situation courtesy of yet again Samaras et al. they have a majority and as we’ve seen in their 153 votes to sell out the country, can do whatever they want but they choose not to for a variety of reasons.

    “Some like comrade Tsipiras even want to do away with the Greek state for the sake of Euro-communist superstate.” samaras already did that and i think you mean the Euro-fascist superstate.

    the irony of all this is that people keep voting for ND/PASOK to continue to receive those same handouts you whine against at the expense of the medium- long term health of the country. the majority of handout recipients are nd/pasok supporters.

    while everything you mention about personal responsibility and work ethic is very true, this can only be accomplished w/in a strong existing framework that encourages these things through sound monetary and fiscal policy. you need the entire package not just the one piece you keep on using to deflect blame from the 2 parties you support that destroyed this country.

  8. Is that the best you can do loser? Try and ban me like a good little communist censor?

  9. i have no affiliation with greekreporter so nice try

    but thanks for being honest

    read the rest of my comment you hypocrite

  10. I do not deny that Pasok and ND made mistakes.


    a, the self-righteous ranters that now support other parties voted for them for years. Tsipiras communist flock is made up nearly entirely of former Pasok voters.

    b. ND and Pasok have clearly changed. They support cuts. This is unlike their former supporters that have not evolved in the least. They are still shamelessly whining for government handouts.

    c. As for illegal immigration, earth to your brain, every NGO or media outlet that supports them is LEFTWING. Even here on leftist owned Greek reporter day after day they right articles in defense of illegals. Some of these leftist fanatics can’t even say the word ILLEGAL.

  11. You are the hypocrite here. Still shamelessly whining for government handouts. You are exactly the sort of entitlement mentality i’m taking about.

    Like a typical leftists you are still self-righteously ranting against the rich, Germans, banks, Troika…everyone else but yourself for your personal economic circumstances.

  12. yes you do. their worst mistakes have happened in the last 3 years and continue to happen and you still support them through this

    a. partly true
    b. nope. you don’t cut in a deflationary high unemployment environment. there is a time and place for cuts.
    c. most handout recipients are nd/pasok voters ie they want the status quo of comfy benefits, fakelakia, nepotism, and general corruption
    d. all illegals should be deported. there is a difference between this train of thought and still treating illegals with human decency. the higher road always wins

  13. “Still shamelessly whining for government handouts. ” which ones specifically?

    both left and right rant against those. as much as you like to deny it being the good pro bailout fascist that you are, the germans, banks, troika etc have had a very large role in the Greek crisis both leading up to it and currently. this is not a rant but a fact.

    my greek bank accounts would be converted into drachmas upon an exit from the euro and/or a true default, so the positions i’m advocating for would harm me in the short term, but benefit me and MY country in the medium to long term.

  14. Much cleaner than the shameless whiners that are still demanding handouts when they very well know our government doesn’t have money to give them.

  15. a. Tsipiras flock of communist sheep was a fringe party until recently. Virtually all their supporters are leftists that used to vote for Pasok (and now pretend they didn’t)

    b. Nope to what? ND and Pasok support cuts. thats a fact. Those that don’t want to change are the parasites that don’t support cuts.

    c. If you claim you want illegals deported stop apologizing for leftists that keep supporting illegal immigration into our country. All the “Greeks that support illegal migrants are LEFTWING. (including the staff of Greek Reporter that day after day writes articles in defense of illegals rather than condemning them.

  16. “than the shameless whiners that are still demanding handouts when they very well know our government doesn’t have money to give them.” = ND/PASOK supporters

  17. Unlike past versions of these parties the current ND and Pasok parties support cuts. Their opponents are the ones that oppose cuts. They have learned nothing from our overspending. Still shamelessly demanding government handouts.

  18. a. partly true compare the maps. lots of these voters also flip flop between nd and pasok to keep the status quo of nepotism, corruption, handouts, and fakelakia




    b. they support cuts not to their constituents. debt/gdp at all time highs and one doesn’t cut in a deflationary rising unemployment environment thus the 30% unemployment that is 100% their fault

    c. “stop apologizing for leftists that keep supporting illegal immigration into our country.” where did i do that? talking about human decency is not an apology. dublin regulation was signed by ND and the ND/PASOK econ policies lead us down this road of having no $ whereby we can’t control our borders and deportation process

  19. you don’t cut in a deflationary rising/high unemployment environment.

    what cuts? go to Greece for once and tell me which cuts. the status quo is alive and well. debt/gdp near all time highs as well along with unemployment.

  20. a. You can repeat “partly” all you wish. The fact is nearly all of Tsipiras supporters are former Pasok. You claim to be against corruption than keep apologizing for communists.

    b. your claim 30% unemployment is 100% the governments only demonstrates what a flawed ideological outlook you have. An economy is made up of far more than a few government bureaucrats. If you wish to talk blame let us not forget those that votes for Pasok (i.e. Syriza supporters now) Still shamelessly demanding government handouts.

    c. I agree signing Dublin was a mistake that has been abused by other European states to offload their own illegals on us. However, the fact remains that leftists are the chief supporters of illegals into our country. All the NGOs and media that lobby for illegals are LEFT WING (even here on leftist Greek Reporter) In addition, communists like Tsipiras are far far worse. Many communists don’t even care if the Greek state exists. Most of them are motivated international communism not hellenism.

  21. Leftists like oppose austerity precisely because it involved government cuts. You even lie to yourselves.

  22. a. i gave you the evolution of the voter base via the election maps. thus partly. sorry that doesn’t fit into your black and white treasonous nd/pasok narrative. “You claim to be against corruption than keep apologizing for communists.” where/when

    b. the primary recipients of handouts (status quo) are nd/pasok supporters. and so you admit there is more to play here than just work ethic and govt fault? thank you

    c. why doesn’t your beloved nd/pasok do something about it then like when the 153 traitors gave up Greece’s sovereignty.

  23. no because it doesn’t work in a deflationary high/rising unemployment environment. there is a time and place for cuts.

    case in point 30% unemployment, 60% youth unemployment, a decimated economy, record low gdp, and record debt

  24. a. And I am sorry you can’t deal with the reality that comrade Tsiprias COMMUNIST party was fringe party until recently. Virtually all its supports are former Pasok voters. Thats reality.

    b. Nope. Those that support government handouts are the ones that oppose austarity and vote for communist parties like comrade Tspiras. No amount of word play will change that fact.

    c. If you want to talk about treason, look no further than the leftists that wildly support illegal immigration into Greeks. When samaras tries to do something about illegals, all the ngos and media that condemned him were LEFTISTS. Our treasonous leftists only care about government handouts not our sovereignty.

  25. Our situation did not arise because we were frugal government spenders that wished to minimize government. It happened because too many Greeks demanded government handouts and legislation to protect their jobs and incomes. (i.e. LEFTISTS)

    Now that fiscal reality has set in, these same people have learned absolutely nothing. Still waiting around for the government to fix everything for them. Still shamelessly demanding government handouts (which is exactly what the anti-austerity crowd is all about)

  26. a. i have yet to mention tsipras once in this discussion nor did I ever vote for him. who did you vote for? oh what’s that no one since you’re not a Greek citizen. your obsession with him is psychotic. perhaps you have a crush on him?

    b. see A above and yet again go to Greece for once to see the status quo and see who those people vote for – it’s nd/pasok.

    c. 2 wrongs don’t make a right. the priority now is the economy and once fixed the illegal issue will slowly fix itself. no one is stopping samaras from doing anything (aside from the fact that there’s no $ because of him to close the borders and implement a deportation system) as envision in the 153 vote

  27. a. A long time ago you said we should support comrade Tsipiras. You now claim you didn’t.. but keep defending him?

    b. All your rants about ND/Pasok doesn’t change the fact its actually the anti-austarity crowd that are the ones that now oppose cuts. (i.e. former Pasok/ND supporters than can’t function in the realty we have balance budgets)

    c. Indeed two wrong don’t make a right. This is why supporting communists (and fascists) as an response to the past mistakes of ND/Pasok is only a doubling down of stupidity.

    Samaras isn’t part of a majority government. Its a coalition made up of leftists. Someone is stopping Samaras from doing somethign about illegals. Its both the leftists in his own coalition and the leftists in other parties that oppose him. Certainly no on on the right is arguing for illegals. Perhaps if you bothered to open your eyes you’d notice to a man its leftists that keep lobbying for illegals.

  28. a. i never once said that. please show us where. long time ago even though your profile shows that your 1st post is a day ago. seems like you truly do have a crush. does tsipras know u stay up all night fantasizing about him?

    b. a return to the drachma and/or a true default is the real cut

    c. i support neither. i am free market ironically you are a pro-bailout fascist.

    d. didn’t stop him before in the 153 vote where he sold out the country along with the rest of the ND/PASOK prodotes. you again confuse advocation for human decency and as an advocation for illegals. the 2 are VERY different. and again, deport all illegals (by fixing the economy first of course)

  29. a. You lie. You did. Even now as you claim you don’t support him…. you come out of the wood work to defend comrade Tsipiras rather than condemn him.

    b. The bailout is actually a controlled default (since most of the money goes to foreign creditors) but its a default that comes with strings attached…. government cuts. Your claim you support “free markets”, while you simultaneously oppose government cuts, is laughable. You lie to even yourself.

    c. “human decency” means different things to different people. To me, human decency is certainly not disrespectfully and lawlessly violating the sovereignty of someone else country. An immigrant first asks. A thug consciously sneaks in then manipulatively rants “racism” to anyone stupid enough to fall for it. To a leftist, “human decency” is pampering criminals for invading our country. This is an inversion of morality.

  30. a. show us you filthy liar. even here the only one mentioning tsipras is you because you have a massive crush on him. i never once defended tsipras here.

    b. free markets is no bailouts. period. i don’t oppose govt cuts. i just don’t fully support them in a deflationary high/rising unemployment environment. the 2 are independent. the abysmal economic statistics speak for themselves. thanks for also admitting Greece gave up her sovereignty because of the default – the true invasion.

    c. making judgement again from the comforts of your mother’s basement having never been to Greece? i agree with you re invading borders, but I’m not going to sit here and pretend to know every person’s situation. walk a mile in another’s shoes. 2nd, an invasion of someone’s border doesn’t warrant a lack of decency. in all civilized countries there are procedures for dealing with criminals that do not include physical violence. like i said 2 wrongs don’t make a right.

  31. a. There is no “us’ here comrade. You speak only for yourself and your fellow leftists. (which most Greeks oppose). The fact remains you keep defending Tsipiras. All anyone has to do is google your name and tsipiras and they;ll find post after post where you come out of the woodwork to defend leftists (as you do here once again as I condemn them)

    b. Yes you do oppose government cuts. You oppose the so called bailouts (which are being funded by foreigners not you) precisely because they come with austerity strings attached (since they can’t be expected to fund our mistakes forever). You have repeatedly said you oppose austarity. If you oppose austerity by definition you oppose government cuts. You really need to make your mind up.

    c. A… leftist defending illegals that violate our borders yet again. Big surprise there. I agree there shouldn’t be physical violate by freelancers but I fail to see how that excuses the LEFTISTS that constantly come out of the woodwork to condemn anything we try to do to defend our borders.

    Those that whined about the fence? Whined about our coastguard trying to protect our borders? Whined about spartan conditions for illegals? Whined about roundups of illegals? Rant on and on about “fascism” and “racism” like foreign agents. Yup. Virtually all leftists. Virtually the only time the word “racism” and “fascism” is used appropriately in Greece is by someone on the moderate center right. The leftwing fanatics have learned to abuse these words as a way to silence political opposition (precisely as you do by slandering everyone that disagrees with your as “fascist”).

  32. You try to portray yourself as “caring” about Greece but curiously no one can find your posts in defense of Greece when Skopions troll this very website. Even the actually Greeks that don’t agree with our current government make time to defend their country from these trolls.

    So the question is what happened to you? Are you too busy whining for government handouts or are you not really Greek?

  33. are you mad you filthy low life? resorting to insults lies and the default commie line? HAHAHAHAHA

    have a good weekend you low life. will you be dreaming about tsipras in your obsessive usual manner?

  34. “the gall of a 7th generation american who has never been to Greece”

    There isn’t a single non-Greek in my family lines and although I have been to many countries I have also spent plenty of time in Greece which I will always consider my homeland no mattere where I live.

    The fact is pseudo-Greeks like you are American not me. You sound pretty much like democrats in the US. Americans. Absolutely nothing Greek about you.

    Like American leftists you opposing cuts while simulataniously claiming to support free markets. Like American leftists you claim to be patriots, while simultaneously refusing to deal with the reality that leftists are the exact ones that wildly support illegal immigration via leftist ngos and media that constantly apologize for them. And like American leftists, you are no where to be found when Skopians threaten our country.

    Your ideological allegiance is clearly to your leftist ideology not hellenism. Greek only in name.

  35. Indeed I am obsessed… with defending my homeland. This is quite unlike leftists like you. Your “patriotism” is there for any Greek to see… each time you go missing when Skopians come here trying to casually erase the Greek people. All pseudo-Greek like you care about is handouts.

  36. va ta poume ligo sta ellhnika, psefti ?

    dev exw kamia sxesh me ta amerikanika politika

    ego psifisa tov kammevo. esu?

  37. so you support parties that ceded our soveriegnty and have opened our borders via dublin and horrible economic policies and kept the status quo on handouts, yet you are obsessed with defending your homeland. makes no sense

    no contradicting positions. i said there’s a time and place for everything. cutting in a deflationary high/rising unemployment environment is not the right time

    i’ve been censored many times….

    you are a low life. that’s a fact not an insult

    paranoia runs deep in your filthy blood lines.

  38. “2 wrongs don’t make a right. the priority now is the economy and once fixed the illegal issue will slowly fix itself.:”

    No it will not. Ilegals will just keep flooding in as long as treasonous leftist pansies keep apologizing for illegals rather than condemning them. There will be no Greece in a few more decades unless we take more hardline action to take control of our borders.

    All the leftist “Greek” NGOS and media that apologize for illegals are TREASONOUS. Leonithas fought for a Greek free of foreign occupation. Our treasonous leftists fight for illegal migrants.

  39. Dear rocket science. I do not support Dublin 2. I also do not support the horrible immigration policies that LEFTISTS keep supporting.

    My bloodlines are far more Greek than yours will ever be. You are a poser pseudo-Greek that cares more about your leftist ideology than hellenism.

  40. “you don’t cut in a deflationary rising/high unemployment environment.”

    Which is another way of saying you support government handouts.

  41. Ese melas san ta americanakia Esai “ellenas” mono sta loya. Pou esai otan e Skopiani erhoude etho? Otan enai ora na voithesis ten eletha.. .to heri sou exo horis dropi.

  42. Olo koutamares les. Otan enai ora na tou vreses to skopianous etho, kanenas bori na sou vre. To mono prahma xeris ennai that niaourizis “facista” and na zitas lefta apo allous ellenes ekoyenes. Prothoti kai debeli. Esai ellenas mono sta loyia.

  43. lollllllllllllllllllllll
    xaxaxaxxaxaxaxxa xepw apo pou eisai 😉

    ti xalia ellhnika eivai auta. poios sou ta emathe? o skopiavos pateras sou? mathe va gpafeis kai va ta milas. katalava yiati eisai toso tpelos . etsi pou milas/gpafeis xepw oti exeis bpwmiko slabiko/skopiano aima. faivetai.