Ring of Ruthless Thugs Terrorize Greece

    ring of extortionersA ruthless ring of extortionist thugs responsible for terrorizing Attica, Corinth and Euboea have been uncovered by Greek police. Investigations revealed that the ring had a large number of ammunition in its possession, which they used to blackmail shop-owners and businessmen.

    After extensive investigation in the regions of Attica, Corinth and Euboea, Greek police proceeded to make 17 arrests and seize the thugs’ weapons and money.

    Meanwhile, the results of the investigation are quite disturbing since they reveal the existence of a gang with a history of organized crimes.

    The “thugs” were blackmailing shop-owners to pay them money. The amounts required per month, ranged from 200 to 1,500 euros and if the amount wasn’t paid up in time the thugs did not hesitate to beat them.

    In a specific case, the gang members broke the fingers of an accountant who owed them money. Sources revealed the accountant had borrowed 10,000 euros from moneylenders and had paid 20,000. However, the moneylenders asked for 30,000 euros. When the accountant met with them to ask for more time, three thugs broke his fingers.

    In another incident, gang members visited a coffee shop and when asked to pay the bill they replied: “We never pay from now on, you pay us.” When the owner refused they attacked him breaking his jaw.


    1. “Ring of Ruthless Thugs Terrorize Greece”

      This article should have been about the far leftist thugs that have been terrorizing our streets with riots for years,

      Leftist are little different than average criminals. The main difference between is a thief at least has the courage to steal directly whereas leftists work to elect thieves to do all their stealing for them vis-a-vis the state.

      Don’t have money? No problem. Sit back and relax. Just elect a communist like Tsipiras and he will take someone else’s money and give it to you.

    2. Now here is an enterprising idea: Give these “Dogs of the Night,” as the extortionists are known to the local shop and club owners, a little extra work on the side. How? Simple:

      Give them a list of all the known tax evaders who claim they have no way of paying back the money they owe to the government. Tell our brutal friends that they can claim 10% of everything they extort from these tax cheats for themselves. Of course they still get to use their famous finger-breaking and beating tactics how ever they see fit to insure the money is found.

      I have a feeling this could be a win-win, both for the government and our disgusting friends. Extreme times warrant extreme measures. In this case Machiavelli might have been right–the end just might justify the means. . .