Immigrants Awaiting New Law on Greek Citizenship

Children of immigrant parents holding banners asking for their right to become Greek citizens and be included in Greek registers.

The bill of the Greek Ministry of Interior on the new immigration code, which features many changes and improvements, passed on Friday with a majority in the competent committee of the Greek parliament, having the support of New Democracy and PASOK MP’s.

SYRIZA reserved its remarks on the new bill for the plenary session, while DIMAR and the representative of the Independent Democratic MP’s supported the bill in principle. Independent Greeks, Golden Dawn and the Greek Communist Party member voted against the bill.

Deputy Interior Minister Leonidas Grigorakos pledged that, until it is passed by the plenary session, he would accept any new proposals on improvements to the bill. He also mentioned that the new bill on citizenship has already been  drawn up and will soon be submitted to parliament. The bill will provide solutions, he said, for thousands of immigrants – particularly children.

“More than 100,000 children born in Greece to immigrant parents have applied for Greek citizenship,” Grigorakos told parliament, adding, “This is a very large number. We understand the problems but we have to first deal with the current matter concerning the immigration code. Then, we will hold extensive talks on the citizenship bill, which will be brought to parliament in a couple of days.”

“We are ready, and it has to be made clear, that children who grew up and live in Greece should not be blackmailed over the issue of citizenship.” In answer to the persistent demand of the opposition to find an immediate solution to this problem the deputy minister added “they should be able to obtain citizenship when they wish it, through a legal process.”



    Does anyone with half a brain stem still remember what happened last time we gave illegals amnesty?


    The blame for the situation of those poor children is entirely on the shoulders of their parents that dragged them ILLEGALLY into Greece. “Doing it for the the children” is manipulative bleeding heart moral blackmail that will only make things worse. It’s like feeding pigeons at Syntagma. They’ll keep coming and they’ll eventually sh-t on you.

    Refugees from current war zones should be allowed temporary residence but on a per capita quota basis which matches the rest of the EU. However, even then it should only be given on condition they agree beforehand they will leave when conflict ends. The most economic migrants should be offered (which represents the majority) is temporary spartan shelter as they wait for their plane ticket home.

    These pro-illegal do-gooders are effectively indirectly funding the human trafficking industry by rewarding illegals citizenship. If we take a hardline approach, the illegals would largely stop. If wee are soft, they’ll keep flooding Greece.

    Illegals is an area where are all our parties should be condemned. The unprincipled cowards vote against the security and sovereignty of our own homeland for the sake of good publicity. Even fascist oriented Golden Dawn is a curse when it comes to illegals. They are such extremists anything they vote for automatically turns into political cancer. (since you can guarantee it will be exploited by treasonous leftists for cheap political points at the expense of our country’s sovereignty)

    If we don’t take a hard line stance on illegals soon. Eventually they will take over Greece and there will eventually be no Greece. They will vote us right out of ethnic existence. Look no further than the poor firewater drinking defeated native indians in the US to see what’s in store for Greeks. We will be a a minority in our own country and fodder for annexation to the neo-Ottoman state. Given demographic trends, there is even a real chance somewhere down the road Greece will even be turned into an islamic theocracy.

    Fair warning Greece.

  2. New Democracy supports this bill as does their coalition partner Pasok. There is only one solution to this latest attempt to legalize the colonisation of Greece by 3rd Worlders. Any citizenship given to the 3rd Worlders by the treasonous, anti-Hellenic Venizelos-Samaras Junta must be revoked by a future government followed by the mass deportation of all persons residing in Greece who are not indigenous Greeks (other indigenous Europeans will ofcourse be permitted to remain in reasonable numbers). The only party that will carry this out is Golden Dawn.

  3. Why we should give the Greek citizenship to Non-Greek??? They are illegals and they are not entitled to get anything other then sending them back to their native countries…I support anyone who will do just this…

  4. Notice how only the curropt new democracy and pasok parties support this illegal immigrantion bill? Its because they want votes from these migrants, the ethnic greek population is disowning those parties and going toward golden dawn and syriza.. I hope that this bill doesnt pass.. greece culture and people are all ready under threat from the imf, eu, globalization.

  5. The partys that support the bill are the curropt pasok and new is the greek peoples fault for voting for them in the first place, secondly they want these illegals to gain citizenship so that they will vote for their corrupt parties.. migrants with no connection to greece will only vote for a party who preach legal citizenship for illegals.. if this bills passed you can surely garuentee the greek culture and people will slowly die out, especially with their low fertility rate and massive influx of migrants. Greeks need to be more assertive agianst foreign politicians who want greece to be more western european and adopt their policies. Instead greece should be more like the U.A.E or saudi arabian in regards to their citizenship law.
    In the u.a.e if your not arab bedouin your not getting citizenship.. greece should do the same with greeks.

  6. This is disgusting. The reason why we are greek is because of our culture, shared ancestry, shared experiences. I dont understand how a immigrant can be a greek just because they were born in greece? The pasok government is the sole problem to greeces crisis and now they want to give citizenship to people from Africa just because there parents illegally entered the country, sold cheap merchandise on the street corners and had a baby?.. the greek population is an aging one, and the labor force will need workers for its shortage, but really??? Immigrants is the only option for these corrupt politicans? Why cant they create incentives for families to bare more children.

  7. We can increase our population by introducing incentives for married couples who give birth to 3 children…This way we increase our population and no need to illegal immigrants same as what they do in other countries…

  8. And I strongly disagree with ND on this particular issue. Unfortunately I have no sane alternative to support. Fascists and communists are not a rational option.

  9. Samaras doesn’t support illegal immigration. He tried to mass round up illegals but foreign funded NGOs start ranting and TREASONOUS Greek leftists agreed with them. Essentially what is happening is our cowardly policians are getting orders from unelected foreign “Human rights” NGOs as to how to run our country.

    Were it up to me, I would give Am-Nasty international and other pseudo “human rights’ NGOs (fronts for foreign policy of countries like US) that call FYROM “Macedonia” or support illegal immigration into Greece a swift boot out of Greece and immediately call up the army to start mass deportations. Those that refused to say their original state would be locked up in prison. As for FYROM, i would immediately start another boycott and close borders.

    The pseudo-human rights groups would whine (and foreign media that ridiculous calls the Skopians “Macedonian” would lecture us on “Human rights”) but no one would go to war to stop us from protecting our own borders. If EU or US tried to pressure us economically or politically, i would immediately default, exit Nato and the EU and ask Russia is they are interested in parking nuclear subs in the Aegean in exchange for removing recognition of FYROM.

    That’s how things are done. Not just empty talk.

  10. All other countries do kick out illegals, why should we the Greeks accept them when we the Greeks are not giving any help by our government??? Why we Greeks have to accept this situation where in other countries do deport illegals??? Why our government does support illegals when it can’t support us in our crisis??? I cannot find any reason why should we accept illegals when my country doesn’t accept us Greeks…

  11. @leftistcensorship:disqus…Your comment is awaiting moderation but I know the contents…

  12. LIberia is even worse. They won’t give citizenship to a non-black! All the leftist crazies say nothing. Many leftists are anti-nationalist to the point of treason. This is why leftists ended up massacring Greeks for IMRO during our civil (an attempt by the slavs to not only annex 1/3 of our country but to even ethnically delete Greeks)

    Our leftists just want to be comrades — with people that want to erase our families.

  13. Leftists are at the heart of this problem. If leftist ideology was mostly weeded out of Greece (without resorting to fascism), many many things would change for the better very quickly.

    The greatest economic boom era in modern Greek history occurred directly after patriots expelled the treasonous communists during the civil war. (the communists went on to their glorious 3rd world existence in their communist utopias). It was a giant mistake to let the communists back in. It poisened the well of productivity. Every demanded government handouts (even those on the alleged right) Communism is a parasitic ideology for thieves.

  14. At the end of the day, the bad thing, is that Greece gets all the ‘scum’. Immigration to Germany, the UK, the USA or Sweden is not to compare with the immigration Greece has. No scientists, no skilled people. Go to Omonia square or near Patras port, it’s a mess. Get them all on a boat to Stockholm!

  15. Countries like German, UK and even US judge immigrants to see if they’ll improve the country. In Greece our leftists treat hookers who entered our country illlegally and spread aids as “victims”.

    I remember a few months ago an illegal was trying to cross over the border with a Kalishnakov and one of our brave police officers was killed in line of duty. What did the disgusting Greek Reporter staff writer do? Try to paint the illegal as victims to the police. with a story framed along the line of :another showdown between immigrants and Greek police”

    When I say many of our leftists are treasonous. I mean it. They are. There are no excuses left to keep apologizing for invaders into our country.

  16. What a load of nonsense! Sweden is the only country in the EU that gives PERMANENT RESIDENCE PERMIT TO ALL ARABS WHO CLAIM THEY ARE FROM SYRIA! ALL! On top of that bunch so called alone-coming children asylum seekers all claiming to be under 18, very often found to be 30+ years old. The annual cost of this madness alone is sky-rocketing and is at present 400 million euros a year. Most of them youngsters from Afghanistan and Somalia, they can´t read or write and with no will to learn. Furthermore, asylum seekers from more than 100 different countries!

    Pensions are provided at a higher level than for Swedish low-income earners that have worked a whole life, yet these scumbags have not worked a single day in Sweden. Housing provided immediately while Swedish youngsters have no chance!

  17. Syrians are not the only migrants out there.

    If you think Sweden has it bad consider Greece. Sweden faces the artic circle unlike Greece that faces massive waves of 3rd world migrants. Until Greeks facilities for illegals recently became so overwhelmed and understaffed they became a health hazard, Sweden was quietly deporting illegals back to Greece for years under Dublin 2 (much like pretty much all of Europe)

  18. Sweden has given permanent residence permit to 1.6 million immigrants since 1990. The total population is now at 9.5 million. The suburb of Tensta in northern Stockholm is known as “little Mogadishu”. Somalis are breeding like rabbits, families with more than 10 children are not uncommon.
    The influx of immigrants is now well over 100 000 per annum, thus it is growing. Nobody knows how many illegals there are, but there are plenty and the latest folly is medical care including dental for a fee of 5 euros, granted to illegals and asylum seekers exclusively. (Dental care can cost thousands of euros for Swedish citizens, including the the really poor ones.)

    Södertälje, a town 50 km southwest of Stockholm, has more immiigrants from Iraq than USA and Canada together. Imagine that. Plus the other 100+ nationalities that are craving for benefits in the poor city of Södertälje alone. At the Swedish embassy in Addis Abeba there is a constant long line of Somalis waiting for their visa to Sweden. That is since the ruling conservative party (a minority government) struck a deal with the maniacs “the Green party” that allows 30 000 relatives to Somalis already present in Sweden to join them for life-long benefits.

    I do not know either how many Sweden can absorb, the limit has already been exceeded and now there is no return. The government and the leftist parties are both trying desparetely to hush all critics. Quite easy since the media is 99.5% politically correct and the single party with 5% of the votes that opposes this madness is treated like a paria. I will leave before the crash comes. The foreign banks did not do their due diligence with Greece, now they are doing the same thing with Sweden. When they realise what a hideous undertaking Sweden has the rates will sky-rocket.

  19. And thats; nothing compared to Greece. Frontex stats suggest nearly 65% of ALL OF EUROPE’S illegals come through Greece.

    While I sympathize with Sweden’s situation, Greeks are constantly demonized by “human rights” groups funded by other Europeans for feeling hostile towards illegals. (mostly leftwing groups that just manipulatively have learned to frame their non-existent immigration policies as “human rights”)

  20. I understand that the so called “human rights groups” moaning is annoying, but seriously, are they worth bothering about? I think the majority in the free Europe is fed up with their lies delivered by high-paid officials. The real danger are politicians like the gastly commissioner Cecilia Malmström with her 25 000 euros a month EU salary paid for insulting various EU-countries claiming that they are “not doing enough”. And she does not mean defending the borders. With politicians like that in charge there is in the long run no future for Greece, Sweden or any european country.

  21. I agree with everything you just said but it is exactly the “human rights” groups we need to call out. For too long mass media (mostly leftists) have given them a podium where everything that comes out of their mouth is framed as “human rights”. (rather than just treat their opinions critically like any other political movement)

    Take for example the Macedonian naming dispute. Greece warned these “human rights” NGOs not to ridiculously call them “ethnic Macedonians”. Today rather than condemn the former Yugoslavians for their sudden identity change into “descendents of ancient Macedonians” (and irredentism based on that premise)… all the “human rights” NGOs try to sweep the issue under the carpet (to hide their shame for supporting propagandists)

    The so-called “human rights” NGOs are now effectively colluding with extremists in FYROM that literally want to delete the very identity of greeks. (ethnic cleansing Greeks is hardly “human rights”)

  22. you are a bloody idiot. A he-goat for that matter. God will visit you and you know what the outcome is, by indulging in evil acts and think negatively for your fellow human. Remember the Greeks resides in other foreign countries including Africa, Asia, Middle East, etc.

  23. All Illegals must be sent back to their home land…There is no place for them here…

  24. Greeks do reside “Legally” in other parts of the world…There is no “Illegal” Greek immigrant anywhere in the world…

  25. what a shame for u. u are just acting like a cave man, i believe u are the kind that stick ur ass indoors with out even going out to see that the have change alot

  26. You can take them and feed them on your premises…We don’t have the capability of harboring illegals anymore while we the Greeks are suffering from harsh austerity measures…

  27. and THEY need to be the ones PAYING for their return ticket, along with a fairly expensive fine for having entered the borders illegally. If they can’t afford to pay, they should be made to do some kind of ‘unwanted’ (but useful) job that would compensate. Greece needs to get smarter on how it handles illegal freeloaders. Enough is enough.

  28. Even if Greece were in good shape economically why should Greece provide for them?

    This legislation is being imposed upon Greece by EU bureaucrats. So it is perfectly legitimate to repeal it in the future. The Greek people weren’t asked about it or given the opportunity to vote on it.

    These illegals are parasites and nothing but trouble.
    Take a look at the demographics of the London Boroughs.
    The blackest ones are the most criminally violent – murders, shootings, stabbings, rape, muggings.
    Followed by the Asian/Muslim ones.

    It’s the same all over Europe.

    The UK benefits system, which was meant as a safety net, is no longer affordable because of these spongers who have paid in zilch. They are all take and no give.
    It’s no coincidence that the flow into the UK has reduced at the same time as massive cuts in the benefits system.

  29. You should try going out in the areas where these illegals dwell.

    The generations that built Greece in the 40’s through to the 90’s are afraid to leave their homes because of these immigrants.

    It is you who is indulging in armchair politics.

  30. Do u live in Greece? Do you know what has happen here by these illegal immigrants? Maybe you should read the daily news and then start commenting.

  31. Their interest is for welfare! The reason for citizenship!
    This immigrants will trash the county, they will steal from Greeks, cause crimes, they will destroy the country totally. Greece will be one big ghetto! deport the fucks out of the country back to the jungle and to isis countries. Do we forgot what the muslim ottomans did to our pregnant woman?
    To our pro fathers? did we forget what happen in Smyrni 1920’s? do we need a reminder?
    we now welcomed all this muslims in our land to protect them from their government stupidities sharia law? if they come to europe they should convert to christianity, because we don’t need muslims period!

  32. Use the kids to rip off the country. If the European don’t want immigrants in their land they should be herd by their Government! The European people are the Voters and the tax payers who pay for the roads, schools and all civil programs..
    if they say NO! No it should be! Fire the politicians who don’t agree with the people!

  33. When immigrants killing and stealing and raping, and trashing, the Local citizens and cities, I have no sympathy for them! Ship them back in their plastic boat, to learn to appreciate civilized countries.

  34. deport all muslim leaders and brain washers, prohibit the koran teachings, deport all muslim cave ugly man and their families back to their hell!


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