Bombing Attack on ND Party Official’s Office in Athens

    Bombing Attack on ND Party OfficialGas canisters placed during the night damaged the office of lawyer and New Democracy Political Committee member Failos Kranidiotis early on Sunday morning in central Athens, Greece.
    The explosion, shortly after 1:00 a.m., damaged the entrance of the office on 12 Skoufou Street in the Plaka district.
    Government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou condemned the bombing and said “all democratic forces must raise a wall against the adherents of violence and terrorism.”
    New Democracy party also strongly condemned the attack, warning that “whoever tries to use violence to terrorist their political adversaries and create impressions of insecurity need to understand they will not succeed.”
    (source: ana-mpa)


    1. The incident will quickly be forgotten by leftists since it didn’t target a leftist. God forbid anyone should attack a leftist. They’ll be ranting “fascism” t at their pseudo “human rights’ NGOs and holding vigils for eternity.

      The irony is the vast majority of the politically related violence in Greece comes from leftists thugs (bombings, murders, and the sacred leftist national pastime of lawlessly blocking our streets, vandalism, and violent riots which allegedly moderate leftists frame as “democratic protest”). You’d never know that reading leftist propaganda like Am-Nasty International and the Guardian (and certainly not from the treasonous antihellenic pro-illegal immigration leftist propagandists that work at Greek Reporter.)

    2. I do not approve of this kind of attacks…Samara is not doing his job the way he should do…The country still in a big mess and still nothing has been achieved…Wrong policies sending foreign investors away while increasing unemployment figures more…Samara must listen to the people and not to his advisers whom he pays them huge salaries for providing him with wrong advice…This is not the way to put the country back on track…Greece is going backward instead of forward…

    3. The fact is the Greek people are not one giant group of agreement for Samaras to take his orders from. There are conflicting views. As elected leader it his responsibility to make decisions that he believes best serves our country. I don’t agree with everything he does but I have no doubt in my mind that Samaras is a patriot that loves his country.

      As far as I can tell, despite all the ranting polical extremists that hate him (most notably Syriza and GD supporters), Samaras is mostly doing his job from economic standpoint (with the glaring exception of dealing with illegals and more militant approach with FYROM). He’s making necessary cuts that had to happen to balance budgets. We cannot spend more than we have no matter what leftists union fanatics think they are owned by other taxpayers and foreign creditors.

      Keep in mind, our government went broke and current situation arose not because of cutbacks but because we spent ourselves into the ground. This is the fallout of that correctionn. Those that claim we should go back to wildly spending as if nothing happened are exactly what’s wrong with Greece. They have learned nothing from our debt mess. Rather than focus on their own business so we can improve our economy, they still are shamelessly demanding government handouts. (which comes out of the pockets of others)

      A single man is not responsible for fixing our entire economy. It take the efforts of millions of people. If everyone is sitting around waiting for handouts who is left to produce something?

    4. A leader need to have a very good team to be able to play with in the field…At present Samara doesn’t have this team…The country need ministers with sound mind able to communicate with each other the get us out of this mess…All I can see is nothing is going forward other then sinking further at the deep end…

    5. I agree things are pretty grim at the moment.

      On the other hand, I look at our amazing history. The very fact our country exists is a miracle (after so many have tried to destroy us). There may be some of that ancient greek magic left in us but it will require sticking to principles and respecting Hellenism.

      Only if we start prioritizing modern political ideologies ahead of Hellenism are we are finished. (as it will be the destruction of our identity and culture in exchange for a foreign one) This is one the reasons I despise leftists. Most of them have put their leftist ideology ahead of Hellenism.

      For instance, they push “multiculturalism” — which is actually antihellenic. If someone doesn’t like Greek culture, they should GTFO of Greece. Ancient Greeks would have slaughtered leftist Greeks for treason and mocked them as pseudo-Greeks. There is very little Greek about our left. They are posers like the Skopians. They call themselves “Greek” to impress foreigners but then don’t care to follow hellenism. (e.g. here on Greek Reporter the cowardly treasonous owners cares more about illegals than defending our country from invaders)