Greek Doctor Arrested for Inciting Hatred and Pro-Nazi Beliefs

Nazi symbolsA 57-year-old neurologist from Thessaloniki, northern Greece, has been arrested for inciting racial hatred, weapons possession and pro-Nazi beliefs.

The doctor, whose name remains unknown, is an acknowledged Golden Dawn member and a passionate Nazi supporter.

The Greek police searched his office after being informed that he had put up a plaque outside his office with the message “Jews Not Welcome” in German.

Moreover, in a raid at the doctor’s house, police found 3 daggers, two of them engraved with Nazi symbols, 12 knives, 64 pills without the necessary prescription, a Nazi flag, two photos of Adolf Hitler and printed material about Golden Dawn, Hitler and Nazism.

According to the police, the doctor has been charged with racial discrimination, the possession of weapons and addictive substances and he will be led before the Prosecutor of Thessaloniki.