Disneyland Coming to Cyprus

DisneylandThe Cypriot Government has paved the way for the creation of Disneyland in the countryside, to be built in an area of up to 500,000 m2. The owner has been granted the privilege to build a touristic village and a hotel of up to five stars.

The government in the “Policy Statement” published last Monday, approves the creation of a “Multithematic Leisure Park.” The park will be a large and complex consolidated development and will include a wide range of entertainment opportunities (like Disneyland). The park will operate under a single management and will have uniform structure and organization. The under development property will be located in an area which is served by premium public roads and which will adequately cover the needs arising from the size of the park.

As for the extra incentives granted by the State, it is mentioned that such a park could be combined with high-class tourist accommodations (hotels of three, four or five stars and first class touristic villages) which require consultation with the Cyprus Tourism Organization. It is expected to also include a variety of commercial and recreational or entertainment facilities related to the theme of the Park.

The Park will include the following basic facilities:

  • Public Service facilities (reception, information center, restrooms etc.)
  • Management facilities (management offices, security offices etc.)
  •  Support facilities (warehouses, maintenance shops etc.)

The size of Disneyland will cover an area of 200,000-250,000 m2.


  1. Disneyland coming to Cyprus, is it April first already !!!!! Who in their right mind would put that kind of investment in to a bankrupt country, priceless 🙂

  2. Buffet got rich buying stock no one else wanted on the cheap. Incompetent bandwagon jumping fools panic due to news du jour rather than take a principled long term approach. If greece’s amazing history counts for anything, it was good investment.

  3. It’s all about perception, the mere suggestion of a theme park boosts land prices. Speculators buy up properties at a premium and the supposed theme disappears like magic.