Tunnel Inspection and Evaluation Robot by Greek Scientists


The Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (EPISEY) of the National Technical University of Athens (EMP) along with a European scientific teams has undertaken a new research program entitled ROBINSPECT (ROBotic System with intelligent vision and control for tunnel structural INSPECTion and evaluation). The project aims to find an easy and efficient way to inspect and evaluate underground tunnels.

Until now, in several European countries, underground tunnels have been checked for cracks, corrosion and other problems using the naked human eye. This practice is usually slow and expensive and not always reliable. Having that in mind, scientists are planning to create an automated robotic system which will conduct a full, reliable inspection of a tunnel in one pass.

The ROBINSPECT project has been partially funded by the 7th Framework Program for Research and Technological Development of the European Union and will last three years, until September 2016. It will be implemented by a ten-partner consortium from five European countries (Greece, France, Italy, Spain and Germany) and its total budget is 4.6 million euros.

ROBINSPECT’s technical coordinator and manager is Dr. Angelos Amditis, Research Director of EPISEY and Director of the I-SENSE research group of EPISEY.

The new robotic system will be tested in the tunnels of the Egnatia motorway in northern Greece, in Switzerland and in the London Underground.


  1. This is great but this sort of innovation needs to be done in the private sector more and government institutions less.The private sector should be developing things into marketable products, not just someone directorial thesis that subsequently gathers dust.

    There are three main legs to fixing Greece.

    1. Stop focusing on tourism and instead focus on hard sciences. There is also too much attention paid to useless humanities courses (some of them even anti-intellectual). Being an expert in post modernist feminist “human rights” poetry might impress people at coffee shops wearing Che Guevara T-shirts but for a physicist and mathematician it’s fluff someone took to escape actual learning. It’s a national disgrace we have so little of our own technology when even the word technology comes from Greece.

    2. Develop the technology from step one into real world products. These products shouldn’t only be geared toward consumers but also geared towards industrial productivity. The precise reason why Germans have maintained their export industry and high wages, is precisely because they maximize productivity through technology. The only other alternative to compete on global markets is extremely low wages (which no one wants)

    3. A change in political attitude. Greece is way way too far to the left (even here on Greek reporter where its staff keep lamenting for government handouts and illegals no less). This isn’t an endorsement for Golden Dawn. Economically speaking GD are effectively socialists too. This is a suggestion Greeks have to worry less what rich people are doing and more what they themselves are producing.

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