Presentation of New Greek Political Party ‘To Potami’



Τhe famous Greek TV journalist Stavros Theodorakis during a press conference that he gave today, officially presented his new pro-Europe political party To Potami (The River). He stated that the party’s program will be shaped by both leftist and neo-liberal ideas. He added that “I can assure no one that everything in our program will be revolutionary, but surely it will be different.”  He continued by mentioning some personalities that support this new political movement, but he did not reveal the names that will be at the party’s list of candidates in the forthcoming elections of the European Parliament.

“We have to include in our program both leftist and neo-liberal ideas because Greece needs solutions immediately” said Theodorakis. He underlined, that since he was a young boy he was leftist, but “the question is, what is defined as a leftist today.” What is more, he said that the left parties today refuse any evaluation process in the public sector, while he believes that the evaluation process coincides with leftist policies and ideas.

When he was asked to reveal which political group of the European Parliament will be the one that his party will join, he stated that the party’s officials have not decided yet. However, he made it crystal clear that To Potami does not belong to the Eurosceptics by stating that “no matter what the current problems are that Greece is dealing with regarding its partners, Europe is still a valuable ally.

In response to the media and social media comments that the movement is not political, Theodorakis rejected the attacks by stating that To Potami will respond to some people’s necessity to seek solutions to their problems outside the parties’ stereotypes of the past.” He criticized the political parties which, according to him, have equal responsibility for the current situation of Greece, stating that it is not possible for them to pretend that they solve the problems they themselves have created in the first place. “What we are trying to do is to enable ordinary citizens to express their position.”


  1. ““no matter what the current problems are that Greece is dealing with regarding its partners, Europe is still a valuable ally.”

    Not entirely true. Some people in the EU still care for Greeks but many are looking the other way with the Skopians irredentism (including patronizing “human rights” groups that are trying to hide their shame). This is implicit collusion in a subtle attempt to delete our very identity.

    The Greek left is largely asleep at this brutal reality — including betrayal by their fellow leftists in foreign press. They have confused foreign leftists being against Greek austarity as a support for them when the reality is most foreign leftist are against austarity because they are worried they are next. In practice some of the leftist of Europe not only look the other way with FYROM, but actively collude with them.

    There are no excuses left for those that call the Skopians “Macedonians”. FYROM have turned into ancient Macedonians right before their eyes and abuse the name to insinuate our country is occupied. that is hardly European or human rights or good neighbourly relations. We are in the moral wrong with regards to our fiances but when it comes to the FYROM issue it is 100% the fault of those that continue to feed the Skopians propaganda machine by calling the Macedonians”. NO nation on earth would tolerate FYROM’s behavior were they in our shoes. Not one.


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