52 Year-Old Man Arrested for Abusing Two Minors


Two underage girls from the Greek island Rhodes spoke to the Greek police and accused a 52 year-old man of sexually harassing them.

The man was arrested on Wednesday late in the afternoon on the accusations of felony and illegal weapon possession.

According to sources, that two young girls aged 15 and 17, accused the 52-year-old man of repeatedly taking them to deserted areas with his car and forcing them to perform lewd acts and intercourse from the period between September 2013 until January 2014

On Wednesday morning, Greek police conducted an investigation at the defendant’s house where weapons were found and seized. Among the weapons were an illegal stun gun with the potential to turn into a functional firearm, a police rod of 37cm length, nine shotgun cartridges, a laptop and five mobile phones.

The 52 year-old man is expected to be presented before the Prosecutor in Rhodes today.