Education Ministry Presents Program for Expat and Foreign Students

¡»«Õ¡-∏Ì· ÂȉÈ͸ Ò¸„Ò·ÏÏ· „È· ¸Î· Ù· ÂÎÎÁ̸Ôıη ÙÁÚ ÔÏÔ„›ÌÂÈ·Ú ·ÒÔıÛÈ‹ÛËÁÍ ÛÙÔ ’ÔıÒ„ÂflÔ –·È‰Âfl·ÚThe Greek Ministry of Education has launched a video creation competition for expat and foreign students, entitled “Good morning-One day in your town-Greece and you”. The competition aims to bring Greek students who live abroad closer to Greece, as well as to help foreign students learning the Greek language, history and culture.

Students of the Greek diaspora and foreign students are invited to create their own short films, presenting the city in which they live, their school, their family and how they experience their relationship with Greece.

The program is aimed at all students of Primary and Secondary Education studying in Greek schools abroad, in private schools which operate under the auspices of the Church, in charter schools or school units with classes in Greek language. It is also addressed to students of bilingual schools operating under international treaties, and students of schools in southern Italy who speak the Griko dialect.

The entry forms can be submitted from March 10 to May 30, 2014 to the electronic platform The videos will be evaluated by a committee consisting of teachers and personalities from the fields of the arts and literature, while visitors to the website will also be able to vote.

At an event held in a school in the village Kalimera (good morning), southern Italy, students talked about their relationship with Greece. There was also a presentation of videos from Greek schools in Alexandria, London, Miami and Melbourne.