Greek Cotton and Carpets Popular in Japan

CottonGreek cotton and Greek carpets are really popular in Japan, as highlighted at an event held in Thessaloniki to introduce Japan’s new Honorary Consul.

According to the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) and the Greek embassy in Tokyo, Greek cotton is the most important import in Japan and imports of Greek carpets to Japan increased by 786% in 2012, compared to 2011.

The new Honorary Consul of Japan in Thessaloniki, Charis Alexopoulos, said that exports of Greek cotton to Japan increased by 117% in 2012 compared to 2011, and cotton’s export value reached 14.4 million euros. In general, total Greek exports to Japan, apart from oil products, rose to 43.8% and Greek olive oil exports increased by 36.9%. However, imports to Greece from Japan decreased by 59.7%.

According to Alexopoulos, 127 million high-income Japanese are major consumers and offer business opportunities to Greece. “Apart from our financial relations we also have something else in common with Japan, our ability to overcome problems and face challenges and hard times,” he added.

The event was also attended by Masuo Nishibayashi, Japan’s Ambassador to Greece and Cyprus, as well as representatives of local authorities and agencies.


  1. Apparently Alexopoulos has a very poor understanding of the Japanese. There are few areas Greeks and Japanese share in common by values, culture or ethics.