Increase in Masters and PhDs in Greece


There has been a great increase in the number of university students that acquire post-graduate studies in Greece.

During the academic year 2012-2013, the number of the post-graduate students reached 60,268, for the first time surpassing 60,000. The number of post-graduate students increased by 186.7 percent compared to 2001-2002 while the number of PhD students increased by 104 percent compared to 2001-2002.

This number is even greater if we take into account the youngsters that chose to continue their studies abroad. The decision of continuing their studies beyond a Bachelor’s degree has to do with the students’ belief that attaining a Master’s or a PhD degree will improve their chances of getting a job.

According to the Hellenic Statistical Authority (EL.STAT) , the unemployment rate of those who have a Master’s or a PhD degree reaches 15.7 percent, while the unemployment rate on  those who have only a bachelor degree is slightly greater at 18.8 percent.

However, nowadays, in order for someone to get a job even as a waiter, a Master’s or a PhD degree is required by the employers, while in the past a General Lyceum Leaving Certificate was more than enough to get such a job.

In addition, the fact that many post-graduate programs include high tuition fees does not seem to discourage young people from working toward a Master’s or PhD degree. In fact, they seem willing to pay 2,000 euros or more in order to acquire a post-graduate degree.


  1. What matters isn’t the letters PhD. What matters is what knowledge stands behind those letters.

    If those PhD’s are for primarily for flakey humanities courses (e.g post modernist feminist poetry, marxist theory, etc.. ).. the PhD paper is only useful for impressing imbeciles. The most useful PhD are ones that study mathematics, physics, electrical engineering, chemistry, etc.. i.e. the hard sciences.

    What made ancient Greeks great wasn’t just empty assurances they were great. It was their technological prowess and ability to innovate. This is true of every great civilization. If we want Greece to thrive again we need to focus on hellenic classics not just ad-hoc moral narratives and tourists traps.

  2. Greek employers never understood the meaning of hiring personnel by degrees to quantify the relationship vs qualifications. They think that if you hire a Phd for 300 euros per month that they are getting a bargain.


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