Greek Attorney General Orders Strict Application of Anti-Smoking Law

Anti-Smoking LawThe Attorney General of the Supreme Civil and Criminal Court of Greece, Efterpi Koutzamani, has sent a circular to all the Procurator Generals of the country, in which she asks them to give all the appropriate directives to the competent authorities for the strict application of the anti-smoking law. In particular, the circular refers to the application of the law that bans smoking in all public and private places, closed or roofed. According to Mrs. Koutzamani the directives will be given to all the competent local authorities.

The Attorney General underlines that smoking is forbidden in public or private places, closed or roofed (except for the places where tobacco products are produced), and in all stores with a health interest – particularly premises where food is produced, and restaurants, bars, cafeterias etc.

According to the contentious circular, smoking is also banned in all indoor waiting rooms, airports, bus and train stations, ports, canteens, and in all means of transport including taxis.

In her letter, Mrs. Koutzamani further clarifies that the local authorities are responsible for the enforcement of the anti-smoking law, as well as for the punishment of those who violate anti-smoking legislation.


  1. If my memory serves me right, this law “should” have come into effect some 7 years ago, & Greece was the only European country that was allowed an extra 2 years to implement it. Go anywhere in Greece during winter & this European law, that ALL other EU country’s enforce, still has not been implemented. Why is Greece the only country, that is allowed by Brussels, to flout EU laws.

  2. this law has been in effect but the people and shop owners still allow it. the eu does not run greece it may run the politicians but not the people

  3. I was under the impression that laws were made to be enforced, whether they are popular or not. All other EU states have strictly enforced them for a very good reason, peoples health. End of story

  4. people are old enough to make choices for themselves i dont need a law looking out for my health. i have the choice to walk in a place that allows smoking or i can choose to go somewhere where they dont allow smoking its that easy why would i need the eu to look out for me, why do we need laws to protect us from second hand smoking thats all crap. some laws go to far and intrude on peoples property telling them what they can and can not do this is wat this is about in the end like it or not thats the way it is. the eu and the greek politicians can go screw themselves

  5. Whether you like it or not law IS law, thats a fact. If Greece doesn’t want to obey EU laws, & there are many they dont obey, then Greece should leave the EU & do whatever they want. As for going somewhere that does not allow smoking. On a winter holiday recently, every where we went people were smoking