2nd day of clashes at Athens University of Economics and Business


    For the second day in a row there was tension at the Athens University of Economics and Business (ASOE), with clashes between groups of students and the Greek Police.

    On Wednesday afternoon, the Greek police were outside the University campus checking peddlers of foreign origin, when groups of young men, reacting to the way that these controls were being carried out, came out of the university and threw rocks at the police officers.

    Some witnesses claimed that a unit of riot police responded by discharging stun grenades and tear-gas at the group of youngsters.

    Similar incidents occurred yesterday when the police, at the same spot, conducted checks on peddlers for illegal trading. However, groups of young people reacted to this practice and tried to protect the foreign peddlers by giving them shelter in the University’s grounds, and attacking the police.


    1. Leftist extremists have infiltrated our universities much like they have our unions and media. They have poisoned the minds of children to behave like their irrational uncivilized parents. The leftists teach our children they are victims if they aren’t getting handouts. To make matters worse our leftists promote extreme anti-nationalism to the point they engage in treason.

    2. Come on guys, these young people have to do something (instead of attend classes). Can’t you understand they just want to feel useful in a country which offers them no work and no hope.
      We should be calling their courses back inside the gates “Hooliganism 101.”


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      • Serbs
      • Bulgars
      • Greex ————— 228,702
      • Turks & others —- 627,915

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    4. Aw how cute that you did not feel confident enough with your sources, even after taking them straight from a slav propaganda site, that you had to edit them further and remove “slavs” from “macedonian slavs”. That really says it all. Then again you did not react that that serb and bulgarian is left empty meaning that macedonian slav is a mix of the two and the authors did not try to sort out which is which as both countries said different things. Haha but keep trying it is hilarious!


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