‘Startup Pirates’ Project to be held in Athens

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter many weeks of anticipation, the Startup Pirates are finally ready to visit Greece and organize an event aimed at promoting an entrepreneurial culture in Athens.

The Startup Pirates event will be held between March 29 and April 5 at “The Cube Athens” (http://thecube.gr/). The event comprises an educational program, lasting one week, which is targeted at young entrepreneurs. By combining training and mentoring with the process of developing an idea, participants will be helped to develop and structure their ideas in a proper way. Finally, young Greek business people will have the opportunity to introduce their ideas to investors and successful business leaders all over Greece.

Participants will attend eight high quality workshops on different topics, such as business models, product development and presentations. They will also get the opportunity to meet more than twenty distinguished entrepreneurs and innovators, who will be present during the whole project and become mentors, as well as judges, for the young participants. The event will be widely covered by Greek media and many lectures and speeches will be given by influential guests.

Startup Pirates is a global nonprofit organization aimed at creating a better world by giving power to young entrepreneurs. The organization has delegations in ten different countries, from Europe to Africa and South America.

Startup Pirates are determined to provide young entrepreneurs with the tools and the knowledge required to create a business or develop other activities within companies or independently, while also empowering local entrepreneurial ecosystems and fostering youth entrepreneurship networks, clubs & initiatives.

For more information on Startup Pirates and the upcoming event, visit http://athens.startuppirates.org/.


  1. Good luck to the Startup Pirates. You will need a strong wind from astern, a sturdy ship, a resolute captain, lots of dry gun power and canon. I would prefer to take Port Royal than take on the Greek Bureaucracy and associated costs. Perhaps someone in this group should give the all important “ninth quality workshop” on doing business in Greece and surviving. Without the ninth the eight workshops may be for naught.

  2. How can we encourage business in Greece when 1/3 of our country votes for communists and fascists… while another 1/3 demonize our current government that is infinitely more business friendly? Its not rocket science to figure out if our current government falls what will follow will be far far worse for business.

  3. Looking at the news, I would say this and the past “business friendly” governments haven’t been so friendly to business.

  4. Pasok and ND certainly made mistakes but the funny thing is the vast majority of their members that helped put us into this debt mess are now are part of other parties. Still shamelessly demanding government handouts as if nothing has happened. Only Pasok, Dimar, and ND are remotely responsible these days.